Pretty Kitty in Pink...

You may have caught on to this weeks post now, there seems to be a recurring color them.  What can I say except these two things that you have already been told...

1. Color changes everything.
2. Sometimes you need a little pink to get out of the blues.

Words to live by my friends!  Somebody should "pin" these with an inspirational picture behind the the text.

Well here is something else to add to the mix...!


Sweater - J.Crew
Blouse - J.Crew
Skirt - Loft
Shoes - J.Crew


Pretty In Pink...

How do I pink thee, let me count the shades...

I have not been a huge fan of color for the past couple of years, but as this Spring has moved along I dream in it.  Maybe those Target commercials have really gotten to me, they are right color does change everything.  I even hear quirky French music as I move through my life each day.

Although I haven't seen any awkward people dance through my living room and flip my pillows in to something new or dance by me as walk out side and change my clothes with a snap of their fingers.  Unfortunately that is up to me, I have to make the changes.

I know it can be daunting to be take inventory of what you have, what you need, and what should go.  But we are responsible for making those decisions and seeking out the goods that will "change everything".  And we might just need some new color to make things look brighter.  Who knows it may even be a hue that you never knew you would like, and once you get it... it compliments everything you already have.

A lady in the fashion of life seeks the new, discovers the color, and never looks back...

Blazer - J.Crew
Blouse - J.Crew
Belt - Loft
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Old Navy


We Are Young...

With great disappointment I have been absent from posting for a while now.  I have been....just...uhh...blah...uninspired.  How can this be, Spring has sprung and I should be living for the excitement of the new life this season brings right?

I have been able to run around the lakes in shorts, go outside with out a jacket, wear sandals to get pedicures with out dancing in the snow.  New fashions of floral, neon, skirts, and dresses are everywhere.  I even ate lunch outside in the past couple of weeks.

It has been a challenge to put my self together in a wardrobe that gives me life even in all of this supposed excitement.  To be totally transparent here part of that could be that my closet has been living on my bedroom floor for the past couple of weeks, that doesn't help matters much.  The messy bedroom was just part the undone dishes, unclean bathroom, trash not taken out, floors needing some swiffering, etc.

So what does a lady in the fashion life do?  Well, she does let herself live in some self-pity for a little while.  But when you come home and your apartment smells, it's time pull the boot straps up.

So here we are, I am back, and ready to live inspired again!  Laundry is done, kitchen put back together, bathroom redecorated, and floors cleaned.  Now for the the fun.

This week I want you to be excited and inspired.  So here is a collection of some of my favorite blog pictures and what they have say about the season.  Get ready for pink and pretty!

Sometimes a lady in the fashion of life needs a little pink to get her out of the blues...