Resolve to shop small!

As a new year approaches so do new resolutions.  My goal for my clients is that we can work together to make goals for 2015 that not only make a difference for them, but also for their communities and families.  Not something a stylist would traditionally set out to do right?  But as you know the mission of Fashion Fix is "...to empower women and build confidence."  Empowerment and confidence can be found and built on many paths.  I believe one of those paths is to support small and local businesses.  It's easy to identify most of these in our communities.  Mom and pop shops, local boutiques, and more.  The small entrepreneurs and artisans that don't have brick and mortar stores are more difficult to find.  Think the Esty shop owner!

I stumbled upon one of these crafts-women at the Minneapolis Pop-Up this past fall.  Maggie Baker of Ginger Knots is a talented lady who hand knits these amazing Peruvian wool goods.  So here is your chance to make a resolve and shop small and local.  Better yet, you can do it with 15% off.  Just use code FASHIONFIX15 at check out.

See more of Ginger Knots, and fall more in love with their style!
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Easy essentials you can shop at thrift!

I all that Christmas cash already burning a hole in your pocket?  The bonuses from work, the $10 our cute grandma sends, gift certificates from husbands who don't know what else to get, etc etc etc.  We spend a huge amount of time and emotional energy shopping for others the entire month of December, stressing out over ever gift giving detail.  Then on 12/26 it's time for you ring in the cheer for your self.  Before you go and blow your whole wad at the mall, finding your self overspending and under buying, let me give you a few tips on how to stretch that dollar.

I sped a lot of time shopping, (that's the understatement of the century)!  When working with a budget I take my clients to the Goodwill.  You can see all the past Goodwill style shopped {here} & {here}.  Here are 3 quick and easy buys you can shop and style when buying thrift and not breaking the bank!

1. Jackets and blazers.  These are great finds when rummaging racks at the thrift store.  Most women get frustrated when trying to style a blazer or jacket.  They feel boxy and/or masculine when they wear them.  So they end up in the donation pile, ripe for the picking when you show up to the Goodwill!

2. Cardigans.  I don't know what it is but women love to get rid of these, HUGE mistake.  A lot of the time women think they have to have a specific "outfit" for each of their cardigans, wrong!  So again they mistakenly end up being donated by the bag full.  Cardigans are layers meant to be mixed and matched with multiple pieces.

3. Scarfs.  These are accessories that are fun to swap out every so often.  Grabbing new colors, finding unique prints, and then donating the old ones.  So don't break the bank on this piece.  Scarfs are great staples to buy on budget so you don't feel bad when you get board with them!



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How to rock denim on denim!

Hot trend alert here, hot trend alert!!  Ladies you have probably seen by now that the Canadian tuxedo is back and it's hot.  Which I hate calling it that, because there are some very savvy fashion bloggers in the land north of us, {Ashton Wears Things}.  I hate to insinuate that in Canada there is a lack of fashion sense.  Trust me there is a lack of fashion sense everywhere!  Anyways, how to wear the denim on denim trend is one of the top asked questions I receive from clients and readers.  What's difficult about executing a look like this is that the margin for error is huge.  There are many factors that go into pulling off this look.  So I thought I would narrow it down to a few essential tips.  A fashion lesson in true Fashion Fix style!

1. Color and shades.  What you don't want to pair is two pieces of denim that are the same shade of blue, or even close to it.  You want to be sure that there is a major contrast between the two articles of denim clothing you are wearing.  My favorite combination is light on top, dark on bottom.

2. Fabrication and texture.  This is another area where you are going to want to find good contrast between your two pieces.  Imaging a sturdy pair of jeans worn with the same color and sturdiness in a jacket... Now that that's a denim tuxedo!  My favorite combination is a light weight denim button up with a pair of heavy denim.

3. Accessories and layering in neutrals.  Black and shades of brown/tan are my favorite to add in to this look.  These 3rd pieces will help break up all the blue and add dimension to the denim.  You want to look intentional and styled when you wear an outfit like this, so layers and accessories are a must!!!

Check out how I styled this look!  Oh, do you love the scarf?  I thought so!  It's none other then Friend of Fashion Fix Ginger Knots!!!!  They are offering 15% off when you use code FASHIONFIX15 at check out :) 

This deal end 12/31 so don't delay.  It's a great place to spend some of that holiday money...

Link up to the Ginger Knots Etsy shop now...



Getting wrapped up in this dress!

I have been sitting on these pictures for a week now and it has been killing me not to share them!!!  If you are just tuning in, well... where have you been?  

All month long I am featuring my favorite things from some of my favorite stores.  The Friends of Fashion Fix Holiday shopping is all about bringing you goods this seasons, along with some savings and discounts.

Today my favorite pick is from Lisa Brainer of Jockey Person 2 Person.  She has a brilliant collection of apparel accessories.  The brilliance behind the collection is that all the pieces are designed to be mixed and matched with each other creating hundreds of outfits with only a few items!  Last week I got my hands on the perfect denim jacket, showing off all the different looks you can get from such a basic piece.  This week it's all about the wrap dress.  Again, it's an item I always put on my clients must have list.  This is a garment that gives any figure instant shape, flattering every curve!  I know it's hard though to find one in which you like the fabrication, print, and fit.  I found it!  This wrap dress is fantastic, and should be in your closet, for many reason.  Here are just a few of them...

1. The black and white pattern.  You can add ann color accessory, shoe, jacket, or cardigan giving it endless style and multiple looks.

2. The fabric is divine.  The fabric of this dress has the perfect weight and thickness.  You won't see what you don't want to see, and you will see all the right shape!

3. The sleeves and collar have the perfect style.  The collar has a tiny cowl detail and the sleeves are 3/4 length.

4.  It's a faux wrap :)  You won't get twisted and lost trying to tie up this beauty.

How do you get this?
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Lisa Brainer ::  lisabrainer@gmail.com  ::  952-250-9829
* mention FASHION FIX for 15% off


Ladies I Love :: Joanna Gaines

In a world that it is so driven by pictures and images it's easy to be overloaded.  I'll admit, there are many days where even Pinterest is too much for me.  Shocking I know, that's pretty much sinful to say!  Trust me I don't like it either, because for a girl who loves to be inspired by others style I am on the the constant hunt for looks I love.  So giving up Pinterest isn't really in the cards.  But where do I go then for alternative inspiration....   TV and Movies!!!  It's kind of my big secret, shhh....

Yes, I get so much inspiration for my self and clients from either real women or characters.  So I thought I'd introduce you to one of my new obsessions (not in a creepy way), Joanna Gaines of HGTV 'Fixer Upper'.   This show is currently in its first session with their second airing soon.  I don't have cable, I just happen to stumble upon it one late night when I was living with soon to be in-laws.  Now I have an insatiable hunger for more, watching episodes over and over and over again!  I can't get enough of Joanna's great Texas style, or the amazing way Magnolia construction and design makes over homes.  I now stalk (again, not in a creepy way), her style on Instagram and Facebook

She wears the perfect combination of dresses, denim jackets, boots, and leather cuffs.  She's the next big thing, trust me :)  If you're looking for that perfectly polished style that's casual, yet put together, you'll want to see how she does it.  She makes living on a farm, raising 4 kids, and running a business seem like a breeze.

I love her style and I know you will too!  You can keep up with her by catching 'Fixer Upper' when it's new season airs, or get connected with her website and blog!


Don't forget to check out Friends of Fashion Fix Holiday Shopping!  Deals good through 12/31, details on the website!



Hitting the mark with a hat!

I don't even know what to say about this.  Over the past few weeks I have fallen head over heals for Ginger Knots, maker of these hand made hats and scarfs.  Everything I have tried and touched has won me over!  And I am not the only one.  Just last night I got a phone call from my mother frantically trying to order some hot items from the Ginger Knots Etsy page.  (I had to send her a step by step tutorial on how to shop on Etsy, lol.  But seriously, if you would like the screen shot step by step just let me know.  I'll email it you!)  And she's not the only one...  I visited a beloved client this week for a Style Consultation and she was telling me how the Ginger Knots infinity is going on her Christmas wish list :)  With the Fashion Fix 15% discount, how could you not want to get your hand on one of these fantastic pieces.

Ginger Knots is a Friends of Fashion Fix Holiday Shopping Destination this year.  What that means is when you enter the code FASHIONFIX15 at check out, you get 15% off your total purchase!  My favorites are the Peruvian Wool Infinity Scarf/Cowl & Wool Striped Infinity Scarf.  But Ginger Knots does hats too....