Anoka Shopping, The best for last!

I love posting about little shopping destinations I stumbling into, or cute boutiques that have Pinterest worthy goods.  Last weekend I spent a day in downtown Anoka, and it had all of that and more!  If you're not caught up on this trip to the Halloween capital of the United States, weird I know, but it is...  You can link up {here} and {here} to read about how I ended up there and what I found.

The last 2 fantastic spots I have to tell you about will hopefully get you in the car this weekend to visit Anoka your self!  There are plenty of places to shop, but also great places to eat.  The Mad Hatter Tea Room & Eatery is the perfect stop to refresh your self and eat like a lady!  Now don't worry, I don't always feel like a lady either... there are many bar & grill options too ;)

You can check out there website {here}.  They do party reservations!

They have a very perisian/victorian vibe, which I LOVED!

If you don't have time to dine in, you can take it to go!  Plenty of options for home steeping.

I literally went bananas over this last stop we made.  As we were making our way down main street all day we kept seeing signs that said "White House Open Today!"  You can assume our curiosity was raised and excitement high, we did not know what to expect.  Well, this is what is was....

Literally, a GIANT white victorian house filled to the brim with antiques, odds, and ends!

That's my mom and aunt, they dove right in.

Oh yes, the front yard and porch were filled like a showroom too!

I wish this dresser would have come home with me.

I loved this wall of iron hooks.  Obsessed with the fleur de lis!

Shout out to the hometown team, a vintage wool Golden Gophers blanket.

Even the music was 'antique' and being played on an 'antique' radio...

Just head straight north on 169, turn right on Main St and you'll be there. 

To see other posts on shopping local and shopping small link up {here}.  If you know of a great downtown I need to visit, or a store I must see then tell me!  Email me, lindsey@fashionfixmn.com

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Shopping Anoka, Part Duex!

If you are just tuning in, this is part 2 of my shopping adventure in downtown Anoka.  And if you didn't already know... Anoka is the Halloween capital of the United States!  Funny, I know.  That's what made finding all these cute boutiques, great antique stores, and fun restaurants so cooky and spooky.

You can link {here} to read about my favorite store I found, Co Co Ries.  About 50% of the store was full of products made right here in Minnesota.  They embody the mission of supporting small and local businesses!  But there was more...

This local boutique does have a website, you can link up {here} to check it out.

Again, a wonderful store that supports local artist and artisans!

Eric and I need these glasses!  I can cheers some wine out of a mason jar!

I tried to get a pic of this artist contact info; if there was anything you as a reader might want, I thought it would be these awesome letters made out of old books.  Creative way to recycle goods!

I love to feature great local stores and shopping destinations!  There is a series of posts on this blog were you can read all about my local finds.  Link up to those {here}.

See you here tomorrow, the last of the Anoka stores will be featured!


Spooks, Gooks, and... Antiques?

I don't know if I would say I stumbled upon this great little downtown shopping area, or.... got dragged by my sister, mom, and aunties....  

I joke, I would follow these ladies to the ends of the earth in search of great shopping.  I know I have spoke of this before, but my mom and aunts are the shopping queens and all I have learned is from them.  I think it's safe to say that my teen years and 20s were an apprenticeship of shopping and finding style, these ladies know how it's done. 

When my mom was in town this last weekend my fantastic sister organized a day in downtown Anoka.  For those of you who may not know, Anoka is the Halloween capital of the United States.  Google it!  One might think with a status like that you wouldn't find cute boutiqes, amazing antique shops and fun restaurants; but you would be wrong!  I had so much fun shopping this great little town.  In fact, we did not even have enough time to get to all of the stores!

 A little overview of the store fronts in downtown.

 Link up {here} to see more of what Anoka has to offer and events!

We took this advise seriously!  See below my first and favorite shop we wandered into...

 They don't have a website, but you can link up to their contact info {here}.

I was happy they were there!  About 50% of the store, if not more, was from local vendors, crafters, and artisans.  This store embodies the shop local, shop small mission!  If you haven't seen already, there is a series of post on this blog site that features all small local business around the Twin Cities.  You can link up to those posts {here}.

There is much more to see of Anoka, but I will save that for tomorrow ;)  Check back this week as I post more pics from great stores we shopped last weekend!