I'm Blazen...

I have so many blazers and "third piece" jackets that I had to place a rolling rack in my room to store them. They fit in no closet!  

What I hear most often when I am working with clients is that they feel a blazer doesn't fit in any outfit either.  The just can't figure it out, which drives me nuts!  A FEW GOOD BLAZERS ARE A MUST.  A lady in the fashion of life should have the following...

1. Navy Wool Blazer
2. Grey Tweed Blazer
3. Black Jacket
4. One For Fun (any printed or brightly colored blazer/jacket)

This is a great way to wear one.  Stayed tuned and I will outfit the rest!

Skirt - J.Crew


EttaGrace said...

This outfit is so gorgeous! Love those Frye boots!

Linsey said...

can you please come and figure out my wardrobe?! you always look hot and i just look like a hot mess!

MAG said...

Cannot wait for the other blazer outfits to come! I always struggle with what to wear my blazers with other than jeans. Thank you Linds! *Will you make an outfit that is very work appropriate/something if you were suppose to be wearing a suit to work everyday* I would love to see you style a blazer that way!