Fashionable Fixings...Day 1

I have to showcase my top gifted fashionables this Christmas.  Number one received was from my forever in trend mother.  I must confess that my eye for style and love for what's in vogue was passed down from her.  She has worked in the industry for longer than I have been alive!

This women has a closet just for her purses, one for dresses and skirts, one for sweaters (in which there is an amazing collection of vintage ski sweaters that I covet), and another for what's left over.  I can't even begin to discuss her boot collection, that could be a month of blogs in its self.

One piece she has acquired is this amazing black leather wallet with gold hardware.  For the past year every time she pulled it out of a purse of hers (a purse I am sure I wanted), I threatened to steal it from her.  And when I got a great purse that was black with gold how could I not want it.  It would match perfectly!

My mother is of course a lady in the fashion of life, and realized she had live her time with the wallet.  This Christmas Eve I unwrapped a present of sacrifice from her and it was the wallet...

I love it!!!! Thank you mom, I love you too!!!

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EttaGrace said...

Love it! You have such a sweet mama!!! Merry Christmas!