Kokoon for You!

If you recall a while back I spoke of an amazing confidence building experience I had with Kokoon, a local design house here in Minneapolis.  If you don't recall, that's okay.  I'll give you time to catch up, you can read that article {here}.  Since then a friendship has blossomed between Fashion Fix and Kokoon.  A friendship that has been uplifting, inspiring, and more!  Obviously I can't keep them to my self and I have no problem sharing things I love.  

A couple of weeks ago Kokoon allowed me and my client Julie to have a private fit session at their studios in south Minneapolis.  It was a blast!  I preselected pieces based on Julie's style and needs.  They were all organized and ready when we arrived, along with fresh coffee and treats :)  We went to town playing dress up, in a real life design studio!

Shown in style:
Curved Hem
Isla Linen Pant
Verve Sleeveless
Woodstock Maxi
Cameron Mesh Cami
Looper Cardigan
Verve Printed Sleeveless

Julie couldn't of had a better time, all while supporting a local business!  Both of us felt like we were part of something special, part of the process, part of something bigger.  We weren't just consumers at Kokoon, we were much more.  I can't wait to go back, and if you want to come with me you can!

Link up {here} for a runway event coming in June.  Email me {here} if you are interested in a style session at the Kokoon studio.

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Taking Back Control of Your Closet & Style

If you've been following along this year, you know that Fashion Fix has become a sponsor of Divorcing Divas.  This is an organization who provides tools and resources to women experiencing difficult life change due to divorce.  DD connects divorcing women to financial advisers, mediators, counselors, attorneys, beauty advisers, and more.  Their mission is to provide "...encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to people going through the difficult process of divorce.  Through support, education, resources and hope, we show divorcees that they can find life ~ and a good life ~ on the other side. It's not the end... it's the beginning."  

It's a perfect fit for Fashion Fix who's mission is "...to empower women & build confidence..."

As a sponsor I have the privilege of speaking at the support meeting (meet-up), that is held once a month.  Last week we talked 'dumping the frump', my favorite subject!  How do you take back control of your closet and style when times are tough?

1. You’re Either In, Or You’re Out 
First start with your self!  There has to be acceptance of your self.  Acceptance of who are, where you are at, and where you want to go.  In order to be your best self you have love your self!

Then you can move on to your wardrobe :)  Editing and organizing your closet can show you more than how many pairs of shoes you have.  Sifting through clothes can reveal cuts, colors, styles, brands, etc that you have found to love or hate.  If you start to purge your closet and see that you own more sweatpants than real pants, you may have found to cause of your frump!

2. Get A Dress Code
Whether you are at the beginning, middle or ‘end’ of your transformation you are in a constant state of change.  Find style that helps you keep moving on to the next step.  Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, has had the same hair cut since she was 15!  If the worlds most influential  fashion leader has a uniform you can have one too!

Find a garment that makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Then reinvent it till you are ready for the next style step.

3. Do It Different, Don’t Be Different 
Be your best self, stop being disappointed that you can’t be someone else.  One woman’s style is another woman’s inspiration.  Pinterest, blogs, and magazines should be used to inspire you to try different looks and trends.  But it’s okay to do it different, wear trends and styles in ways that fit your body and your life.

Start by restyling the wardrobe you already have! 

Do you need help?  Does executing these 3 steps sounds tiresome and difficult?  It's okay, Fashion Fix is here!  Link up {here}, and read more about in-home style consultations offered.

Want to hire Fashion Fix at a discount?  Register for one of the upcoming Styled Right Workshops!

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If you know me, you know I never pass by the Target clearance rack with out taking a look.  This is where I find most all of my great deals, and they always land me compliments when I wear them.  When I share how much I spent, people are shocked :)  Remember these two posts, Style on Sale  & Style Still on Sale from earlier this year.  Everything I found was under $15, some things under $10.  The thing about it is, that Target is what we call a 'fast fashion' retailer.  This means that they are introducing new styles and trends faster and more often than you can keep up with.  If you are seeing it in Lucky, InStyle, or any other fashion mag you will see it at Target.  The good news for us is that these pieces have short shelf lives because what ever is 'in trend' for the next month needs room on the sales floor.

What I shopped this weekend.

One dirty little secret, prices are different at different Targets!  What you see posted here might be different at a store near you.  I shopped at the Target St Louis Park.  Also, some may be skeptical thinking that the good stuff on sale is only left/available in little sizes.  Not true!  I am a L/XL, 16 and each piece I pick was available in my size.

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