Summer Summer Summer Time...

Typically on Memorial Day weekend you would see images like this....




And we would be styling cute outfits like this...




Instead what we got is this...




And had to wear outfits like this...




Even with all of this dismal weather, including another 5 day forecast of rain and cold here in Mpls I am starting Summer!!!!  On the blog for the next 4 months we are going to have fun, answer questions, solve problems, re-style outfits and much much more!  This week I am going to reveal how you are going to have the chance to be heard and tell me what to write!

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Talk Soon :)


Shop Local... Linden Hills

"I am so sick of New York Shopping", said no one ever.  However I realize we need to give some attention to our hometown and the great shopping that we can do locally.  Linden Hills is one of my favorite places to find unique goods.  Correction it is my favorite place to shop!  My mom and I love to shop and grab a bite to eat at The Turtle Bread Company in this neighborhood.

Lily and Violet (formally know as Rick Rack Boutique)
I loved this shop at Rick Rack and even more now as Lilly and Violet.  Actually it's the same, they just made their brick and mortar the same name as their website (here).  I always find mounds of affordable cute jewelry, unique dresses and jackets, amazing home goods and beautiful perfumes.

There are collectables found at this store that represent all corners of the world.  You can find vintage inspired pieces and modern accents.  The owner has been interviewed and featured in many home magazines and you can get her look in your home when you shop here.  Learn more from the website here.

Brown & Greene Flowers
The ladies here are so friendly and helpful it's heart warming!  They always have great suggestions and tips on home decorating that give you direction when overwhelmed with all the cuteness.  You have to visit their website (here) to see all of the beautiful flowers they offer! 

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Grass Is Always Greener...

As the saying goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side."  I was strolling down the streets in Soho last week during my NYC trip and I had to capture some loves from stores we don't have here in Mpls :(

If you struggle picking must haves from stores when you are shopping I can help!  Don't forget Fashion Fix offers personal shopping services, you can learn more about that here.

Oh New York, New York!  I had so much fun and I love hearing all of the place you like to visit when you are in the big apple.  Keep sharing and maybe the next time I am there I can stop by one of your fav spots!