Style Catalog...Silky

Sad news, it's the last day of the Fashion Fix Style Catalog post :(  Don't worry I have way more client style pics to share in the future.  If you want to be one of those clients give me a shout here.  Good news, next week will be my NYC trip review full of pics and my commentary on all things fashion, shopping and big city!

Silk tees and I have had a great romance these past couple months.  I have found the silk tee to be the perfect easy breezy item to outfit with almost anything.  You can style it with jeans for a casual day for comfort with out being frumpy.  You can tuck it into a skirt or pair of black pants and be out the door to work.  Lastly they are great for all season!

This is the Striped Crepe Tunic from Old Navy, buy here!

Great for cool weather, layer it with a boyfriend blazer or cardigan.

Wear this look to work, add a patent leather belt and you are out the door.

Ready for the warmer temps in this outfit, you could even do a great red sandal.

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