Crafty Gal...

I know the public demands more clothing photos but, my gal pals have also been requesting I show a peek of my jewelry arsenal.  You see a lot of it in the outfit and ward robing post or Pinterest pins but here it is in its full glory.

Mind you I recently reorganized; in corporate language that means down sized, which did happen!  What you see is the before and after.

I strongly encourage all the ladies in the fashion of life to follow suit.  If I hear any of you say you never wear jewelry or accessorize I can promise it's because you probably don't even know what you own.  And whatever you have is most likely not organized or displayed in a way that is exciting and inspires you to put it on!

I would love to see what you come up with....

Send your before and after's to


And if your redo is picked you will be a feature blog post!  Whoo Hooo...and if enough people participate  maybe next time the prize can be of more value....?



Jewelry - Forever 21, J.Crew, Loft, Target, H&M, Local Artist, Claire's
Floral Hooks - Pier 1
Rod - Home Depot (I painted it.)
Shower Hooks - Home Depot
Dishes - CB2


Erin Sikkink said...

nice work, it looks so great!! :)

KerryP said...

So I'm finally getting caught up on your blog posts. I'm sick and on the couch, not wanting to study!!! I must say, your creativity, your fashion, your writing, all make for a great blog. It's soooooo fun to read! This jewelry reorganization makeover is inspiring. Keep it coming girlfriend!!!

Anna said...

I love what you did! I need to organize my jewelry like that! Thanks for the ideas :)