5 ways to be a FUN YOU this year!

I know I know, technically 'this year' started last week.  But when you are planning a wedding, running 2 business, and trying to decorate a new home I start my new year's goals this week :)  As I have been working with clients, chatting with gal pals, and surveying facebook seeing and hearing people's New Year's resolution is unavoidable.  I'm not complaining, I love it!  I am obsessed with finding ways to discover a new you and setting goals to help you be your best you.  The big ones are easy though right?  Drop 10 lbs, read 1 book a month, take a picture everyday, blah blah blah.  What about the small things, the things that give you that edge or pep in your step to accomplish the big things.  Those changes count too, and sometimes they give you just the confidence and encouragement you need to tackle the 10 lbs you want to avoid!

Here are my top 5 ways you can be a fun and motivated you this year!

1. Pucker up and be bright!  Wearing a bright shade on your pout is an instant mood booster, and style enhancer.  We rarely dare to stray from the lip shine or gloss we wear on a daily basis, but when we do the confidence potential is limitless.

2. Buff, shine, polish, and get your nails done girl!  Seriously, how embarrassed are you when you go to shake someone's hand, or give that presentation while noticing how chipped, cracked, and jagged your nails are.  Having manicured hands makes major impacts on helping you to feel polished (no pun intended) and put together.  Mind you, it doesn't mean you have to have color polish on all the time.  Just file, clean, and buff at a minimum!

3. Wear red!  I'm telling you, a pair of red shoes is life changing :)  You could be wearing the most neutral/basic outfit, when you throw on a pair of red shoes your look becomes instantly styled and trend right.  It's a safe and affordable way to start going outside the box when it comes to your dressing habits.  Trust me, it's a gateway to getting more comfortable with tackling trends and styles that might be intimidating.

4. Snip to it and cut that hair!  Long hair that isn't well maintained is a confidence, empowerment, and style suck.  Long hair that is not styled lumps you a category where you look just the same as the 100 other women walking around you.  And most likely it's in a pony or bun, am I right?  Take the plunge shorten those locks to at least collar bone length.  I promise, you will feel like a lady who knows how to take care of her self!

5. Get glowing!  Now calm down, I am not suggesting that you need to fake and bake.  I'm talking spray.  Spray tanning has majorly evolved and offers a huge span of glowing options.  I love to get a spray on that just gives my skin a dewy glow, not even a tan or sun kissed color.  It's awesome to be able to do minimal make up and still feel like I have color to my complexion.  In these dreary winter months it's a huge boost!

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