Give Gifts, Typo...

Shop their website HERE!

This new shopping destination opened up not that long ago in the Mall of America.  Immediatley I fell in love and we have been living a dreamy romance ever since!  They have amazingly affordable and cute one of a kind gifts.  Great stationary, planners, notebooks, coffe mugs, cards, etc, etc, etc....

I love to get gifts from here and give from here.  This is a great place to shop for the young professional on your list or college student or me!


Give Gifts, Kiehls...

 Shop their website HERE.

Day two of great gift shopping!  I went crazy at Kiehls.  When Erin and I were here taking photos I couldn't stop pointing out things that I wanted her to snap!  They have decadent body butters for mom, awesome men's collection for dad and brother and then a huge assortment of minis for stocking stuffers!

And to top if off the staff was well educated and enthusiastic about their product which made it fun to shop!


We missed the scarf give away last week :(   Sorry gang, but we will make it happen again soon!  In the meantime, join this site to make sure you are eligible for future give aways and deals!


Give Gifts, J.Crew...

 Shop their website HERE.

Hello all!  Sorry about the drop off last week and this Monday.  I was in the windy city of Chicago visiting my family and a couple besties from high school.  Very fun and very exhausting!  Even now I feel my lids drooping a little.

I want to kick off the gift giving season this week with some of my favorite finds I came across when doing my Pre-Black Friday shopping at the Mal of America.  These are great stores with great gifts!  My first pick, J.Crew and their unique accessories for the iPhone and one of a kind stationary goods.  I also love their bracelets and custom nail polish colors for little extras to wrap with gifts!

Have a happy Tuesday and come tomorrow for the next featured shop!


Thanksgiving 2012

I have not been home to the great city of Mundelein, IL for a holiday in YEARS!  As most of you know by now I have been working retail for the past decade of my life and have been chained to the mall this time of the year.  Recent changes in my life and the pursing of making my passion my business have given me the freedom to be with my family in Mundelein this Thanksgiving.  As I was going for a run in town last night I had an epiphany.  With in 3 miles of my parent's house is every memory and milestone of my life.

The schools I learned in, the streets I first drove a car on, the places where I had my first jobs, every house I grew up in, etc.  It is all here with an arm's reach.  I am so thankful this year to be home with my family, the home where my heart is.

I am thankful for good health, a cutie for a husband, sweet family and friends and the grace of the good Lord!

I am thankful for a healthy family and being back in Minnesota!

I am thankful my new baby boy Asher, his awesome dad, and all our wonderful and supportive friends and family.

Leave your comments of what you are thankful for this year! 



Scarf - J.Crew similar Here; Blouse - J.Crew buy Here; Jeans - Old Navy similar Here; Necklace - Stella & Dot c/o Melanie Shaw buy Here

This week it's all about the scarf!  You can create so many hot trends by adding this accessory to your arsenal.  One look I LOVE is the monochromatic outfit.  I have so much fun mixing and matching different hues and shades of the same color.  You get to see the purple in the pinks, green in the yellows, and berry in the blues.  This can be an intimidating trend when you think you have to go head to toe and look like a crayon!  Not the case...

Blue jeans, blue blouse, black belt and shoes, top it off with a cobalt scarf.  Why this works...

You are really only playing with two blues, the blouse and the scarf.  It gets broken up by the black belt and jazzed up with the crystal necklace.  Also the scarf and blouse are from the same color family but so contrasting it gives it a stunning look! 



On-Line Find...Scarves

Even the staff at the orchard was wearing scarves!

Since becoming a Mom, Who Stays at Home (this will make you chuckle if you’ve seen or heard of the movie Jeff, Who Lives at Home), going shopping in any capacity with my kiddos sounds about as fun as setting my hair on fire.  I get that expression from my dad. Karin: “Dad, you wanna go to the State Fair”? Dad: “I’d rather set my hair on fire”.  I had my first child three years ago and I can’t help but note that I began to subscribe to Amazon Prime (where I receive free two-day shipping on just about everything) around that same time.  Online shopping has become a way of life for me.  Just this week I received 12 cartons of Almond Coconut milk in a box on my doorstep.  I'm not afraid to try anything when it comes to shopping online, especially if it saves me time and money.  I understand the hesitation, particularly when it comes to clothes.  What if it doesn’t fit?  What if it’s not as pictured?  How do returns work?  While these are valid questions, they shouldn’t discourage you from giving online shopping a try.  Here are the ways I make it work:

-If I see something in a store, especially if it’s expensive, I ALWAYS try to find it online.  I had a friend tell me she found a pair of $189 jeans she loved for $23 on eBay.  eBay is kind of the obvious place to check (along with Amazon) but there are all kinds of online boutiques randomly offering discounts or less expensive prices.
-I always look for free return shipping.  Online returns are a hassle and can get expensive.  I make exceptions to this rule if I’m highly confident about my purchase or I know I’m getting a great deal.
-I read the product description and the reviews.  This is a HUGE benefit to shopping online.  You can find out a lot about an item by reading what a Type A personality has to say about it.  Don’t bypass this step in your excitement to put something cute in your shopping cart!  Occasionally, customer service can be helpful and some companies even allow you to ask questions of people who previously purchased an item.  Just do it.

Before I share my site for the week, I want to give you my go-to Thanksgiving recipe because food is my love language.  You can find the Butternut Squash Souffle here and thank me later.

I recently decided that I only want to wear infinity scarves because I like the bulk without the complicated wrapping and tying.  So, I literally went to Google and typed in “infinity scarves” and came across this site:  www.scarves.net.  Free shipping over $40.  Sometimes, it’s just as easy as that.

Strive to thrive, people.


A Martin & Osa purple scarf!  You can't even find this anymore!!


The Winner Is...

Gigi Stud Earrings
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Estate Chandelier Earrings
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Kalahari Bangle
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Lindsay Bangles (had to pick!)
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Liz Drop Earrings
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Luxor Link Bracelet
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Olivia Bib Necklace
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Pyramid Studs
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Renegade Cluster Ring
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Sidewinder Studs (as seen in post 11/14)
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Claire Necklace (as seen in post 11/12)
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Signature Initial Charm
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Tree of Life Necklace
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Here are the winning picks I made from Stella & Dot!  Now, to work with my girls who are "budget ladies" such as my self Melanie is offering a deal to members of this blog site.   Place on order with her now and get $10 off on your next purchase!  Think about it, you can treat your self to a beauty of a necklace today and pay as little as $15 for some fun earrings later.

Make sure to browse the collection soon because some of these won't last.  They are already selling out of some of these picks I've made...

To become a member of this blog click "join this site" and follow the prompts!
And the winner of the J.Crew Gold Hoop Earrings is MELISSA GALLAGHER!  Please email me, these are your new earrings...


Coffee Break...

Cardigan - J.Crew buy Here; Blouse - Loft; Jeans - Old Navy similar Here; Shoes - Steve Madden buy Here; Hat - Len Dreskin similar Here; Earrings - c/o Melanie Shaw with Stella & Dot buy Here

When I sit down to connect with y'all I try to be authentic and my self.  No matter if I am talking about how I would wear an outfit or sharing stories from adventures with my man friend, I always put the real me out there.  This past week I haven't had much time to play in my closet and most of the time man friend and I spend together now is working in the shop.  All of a sudden I have been running my little buns around like crazy and this morning I woke up feeling it.  Stiff, sore and plan icky...

I think I need a coffee break!  Wouldn't you love a day to spend in your favorite coffee house to drink spiced lattes, read a book, journal, people watch, etc.  I know I would!  My prayer is that some time soon you get to make a day to spend in your "coffee shop" and connect how you need too!


Give Me Goodies...

J.Crew Gold Hoop Earrings
These gems are being given away this Friday!!!  Here is how you enter in...

1. Be a member of this blog site.  If you aren't click "join this site" and follow the prompts.
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3. The winner will be drawn Friday morning and announced later that day!

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Another Day... Another Dollar...

Jacket - American Eagle Outfitters; Tee - Gap similar Here; Pants - J.Crew buy Here; Bag - J.Crew buy Here; Shoes - Target buy Here; Necklace - c/o Melanie Shaw with Stella & Dot buy Here

Who says you can't jazz up your work day with a little flair?  It's not only for those working at kitschy American fare bars and restaurants.  You, the everyday lady can incorporate fun into days at the office you would rather skip.  My trick...

Grab a fun accessory and pair of shoes to wear with a neutral base.  Black pants, black top, gray jacket, SPARKLY necklace and SHINNY shoes!  They are the perfect pieces to give you a conservative look when you are keeping up with the Blackberry and still looking feminine.

Did these beautiful earrings catch your eye?  They can be yours!  One member of the blog will win these on Friday 11/16.  Not a member?  Click "join this site" and follow the prompts.  If you like the facebook page (link here) and are a member of the blog your name will be entered into the drawing TWICE!