Style Advice :: How to dress professionally in a casual world.

It's tough these days to simply get dressed and walk out the door, the difficulty lies in multiple struggles.  For most of my clients it's not knowing what to wear or how to wear it.  We live if a very grey world sometimes [and I love the color grey].  Jeans can be dressy, blazers can be casual, nikes go with suits, and heals go with denim.  When you think it can't get any more confusing you ask your self, "Can I wear leggings as pants?"  The answer to that one is NO, sorry Lululemon it's time we move on from you.

The term business casual gets thrown around a lot, with very little definition.  So with how casual the dress code for life has gotten these days, just how do we dress professionally with out being overdressed!?!  Well, I'll tell you!  Here are 3 easy rules you can follow that will take any look from simple to styled.

Fashion is a formula.  Following a simple 3 part formula will result in a put together and polished outfit every time!  Make sure you are outfitting your self with pants that have a good fit, flatter your shape, and compliment your outfit.  Shoes are an easy add on, and if you are stuck always go with a tan or nude color shoe.  These two colors go with almost any outfit.

Top + Layer + Accessory = Styled Look

Dress for shape.  If there is too much fabric there will be too much frump!  You have to find balance in shape and minimize in one of three places.  Extra fabric should be minimized either at the top, bottom, or in the middle.  If you can look in the mirror and draw a box or rectangle around your self, there is a problem.

Implement tips and tricks to maximize style and overall look.  You and what you do each day is important, and you have value.  It’s key to present your self to the day and the world around you with that same level of value.

Wear red or leopard as an accessories.
Roll or cuff the sleeves of your jackets, cardigan, and long sleeve tops.
Never go with out an accessory.
Wear open necklines, such as vneck and scoop.
Tailor legged pants are the most flattering.

You might be saying to your self, this seems too easy.  Shouldn't I be learning how a suit should fit, or what the right hem length of pant is, etc etc etc.  Yes, those things are important, and can help you look 'professional'.  But let me tell you, if you are in a frumpy suit, or wearing separates that give you no shape, or have no personality in what you are wearing you don't look professional.  Colleagues, customers, and clients will look to you with respect when you respect your self.  Putting your self together and showing effort in your image is an important piece to the puzzle.  If it's missing, you don't get to see the whole picture.

Take these 3 steps and implement them with every style, you won't miss the mark!  If you don't care about your self, others won't either.

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Style Advice :: How to wear a skirt the right way!

I feel that with the title of this article in conjunction with the pictures, I really don't have to comment on much.  Those two things pretty much speak for themselves and you can see the problems you should be correcting when styling a skirt.  But.. I'm going to put my 2cents in anyways, lol!  

It's that time of the year, we are dusting off the spring skirts and shaving our legs :)  With every style consultation I am showing clients how to style and create multiple looks with this seasonal staple.  But before I get very far I am correcting the same style mistakes on almost every singe gal.  There are a few essential things you need to know when you are wearing a skirt this spring. 

If there is too much fabric there is not enough you!  It's important that we see shape and/or structure somewhere.  If you can look in the mirror and draw a rectangle over your image, there is a problem.  Shave off pounds my tucking in and belting your skirts.  This will draw the eye in and minimize fabric overload.

Find balance.  Maxi skirts have transcended from being a trend to being a staple in most women's wardrobes.  Even if you have a petite frame you can pull off this piece, you just need to find the balance.  If you are wearing a full skirt on the bottom, you have to wear a fitted top.  Full on top and full on bottom comes out to frump on top of frump.  And of course, tuck in in and belt.  Look how long the leg line becomes, giving height to this 5'4" frame!

Layer right.  Believe it or not skirts need structure.  It's back to that balance word again :)  When skirts are full and flowy they need to be balanced out with some structure and stability.  Try throwing on a denim jacket or chambray top.  I am also a big fan of waxed utility jackets or vest!  Oh, don't forget to tuck in and belt.

Pair the right top.  I see it often where clients try to go for the monochromatic look by pairing a dark skirt with a dark top.  I get it, and there might be some instances where that would work.  But when you do that, we start lose shape.  There needs to be definition to where your torso ends and your legs begin.  To keep it casual I recommend vintage vneck tees and tanks in white to wear with your skirts this spring.  Make sure you tuck in and belt, giving you a polished and finished look!

Tuck in that darn top!  I'm not even going to be cute with this one.  Look at how much more of the skirts pattern and style is revealed when the top is properly tucked.  There is also gained height, minimized waist, and added style!

Wear it where you're supposed to.  Over and over I see women tugging and pulling down their skirts to their hips.  This does a couple of things.  It makes your legs look shorter, your waist longer, and style frumpier.  Skirts are designed and cut to fit at your natural waist, so that the fit and flare of the garment compliment your shape not take away from it.  Hike those skirts up to the waist and you will get a much better fit and more flattering flare!  Tuck in and belt. [I had to!]

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Fashion Fix Product Love :: Beautycounter [2]


I have quaintly title this article Beautycounter [2], because if you missed I already raved about my introduction to the amazing company earlier this week.  You can see all that good news {here}.  Which you are going to want to do because there is talk of a 15% discount on orders and a giveaway!  But I thought it would be fun to talk not only about my introduction to the company, but my introduction to Stacey Simonett.  She is the lovely lady who got these goods in my hands, and who is going to get the goods in your hands too.

Stacey invited me to her home where I got to play will all the Beautycounter product.  I sampled all the great color from the make-up line, hear how her teenage son [yes teenage son] used the skin care line and loves it, and see the glow the Countertime has give her complexion.  I also learn so many more details about what Beautycounter stands for and how they translate that into their product.

The make-up collection has one of the lowest counts of metals in their pigments, but still gives you high performance!  You can choose from product that give your full to light coverage, meeting every style need.

The Essentials Skin Care Line has everything you need to stay fresh, hydrated, and looking good.  But as women our skin changes through out the month, year, and life span.  Beautycounter offers lustrous oils in 3 different blends where you can add them to any product, giving you different boots for different needs.  I also love the Rose Water Spray, it refreshes, cools, and gives the perfect amount of light fragrance!

The product that really knocked my socks off, [or I should say dry skin off], was the Body Care Line scented with citrus mimosa!!!!  I can practically feel my skin crack with every move I make this time of the year.  Lathering with this body lotion felt like sweet relief and pairing it with the Glow Sugar Scrub was life changing!

To get these great products in your hands you can do 2 things!

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Fashion Fix Product Love :: Beautycounter

Okay hot mamas, we have been talking quite a bit about getting our spring fashion on.  Making sure we have the 'must haves' of the season, learning how to wear the 'best colors', etc etc etc.  The clock is ticking and the temps are ticking up even faster.  [Literally, we just had DST and here in Minneapolis 60's are in the forecast!]

But what about the heart of our style, did we forget out that?  Our number one accessory, the one we wear EVERY DAY?  I haven't forgotten about it, in fact I have been prepping this style feature for a couple weeks now.  If you haven't guessed yet it's my complexion, my skin!!!  Jeez, these past few months have done a number on me and I have felt as dry and a desert.  February is one of the driest months of the year, sucking the life out of our face.  I need to do some fast repair, preparing my skin to go a little more bare this spring and summer.

To my rescue came Stacey Simonett of Beautycounter!  She introduced me to a new, clean, non toxic way to replenish the natural beauty of my skin.  "The mission of Beautycounter is to get safe products into the hands of everyone,"  says Stacey.  Their social mission is inseparable from their brand, "We educate families about the need for safer chemicals and products, and work to bring about much needed change to the beauty industry—and to our lives."

They have a stringent screening process that is unlike any other in the beauty industry-they evaluate every ingredient that goes into their products, asking themselves:

Is it safe?
Do we need it? 
Does it work?

You can learn more about the company, the founder, and the mission {here}.  If you are looking for healthy and safe beauty products for you and your family I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out.  They carry multiple lines, including...





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Fashion Fix Picks :: Best colors for spring!

I am having so much fun working with my clients right now!  It's such a fun and inspiring time of the year.  Getting women into spring colors, lighter fabrics, and strappy sandals can make a stylist happy :)  It's the simple things right, lol!  I have been helping my clients explore new colors for season and how to wear them now.  Getting into the neons and whites that summer brings can be a little intimidating.  Since our skin hasn't seen a ray of sun in quite some time, we need good transitional colors.  We need colors that help us to feel refreshed, not pale when we wear them!

Here are 6 colors I have identified that are complimentary to any skin tone, complexion, and hair color.  They are easy to wear and pair great with a variety of things!

Wear Now   ::  Navy, Blue Denim, Espresso
Wear Later  ::  Navy Stripes, White Denim, Linen
Accessorize With  ::  Red, Coral, Orange, Gold

Wear Now   ::  Black, Dark Denim, Taupe
Wear Later  ::  Grey, Light Wash Denim, Tan
Accessorize With  ::  Silver, Leopard, Navy, Blush

Wear Now   ::  Tomato, Chocolate, Pumpkin
Wear Later  ::  Cherry, Hazelnut, Tangerine
Accessorize With  ::  Gold, Coral, Leopard, White

Wear Now   ::  Brown, Navy, Tan
Wear Later  ::  Gold, Cloud, White
Accessorize With  ::  White, Silver, Wood

Wear Now   ::  Forest, Wood, Royal Purple
Wear Later  ::  Blade, White, Lavender
Accessorize With  ::  Acrylic, Leather, Gold, Leopard

Wear Now   ::  Slate, Blue, Magenta
Wear Later  ::  Clay, Ocean, Rose

Accessorize With  ::  White, Silver, Gold

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Fashion Fix Picks :: Spring 2015

I am making my triumphant return to the writer's table this week!  I haven't graced the pages of this blog for about 2 months, and getting back here took some hard work and soul searching.  Well okay... maybe not soul searching as much as closet, shopping, and style searching :)  This year Fashion Fix has its sights on giving you more resources, solutions, and help when it comes to creating a styled and productive wardrobe.  Not only a wardrobe that looks good, but a wardrobe that make you feel good too!  My mission is to empower women and build confidence through a productive and styled wardrobe.  You might not find everything on this blog deep and earth shattering.  But you will find it practical, simple, and easy to follow.  Which I think is what we are all really looking for right?  Not another 'look at me being so cute and stylish all these clothes' kind of a blog.  So what better way to get back in the game than to talk about something timely, such as getting your spring wardrobe ready!

Here is what should be ready for you in your closet this season, and why!

1. A pair of vintage tennis shoes.  Vintage anything when it comes to fashion is hot hot hot.  But sporting a pair of throwback Nikes or New Balances has become a big big trend.  These look more styled than your retired Asics running shoes, and more updated than the shell toe Adidas you used to wear.  I wear my suede Nikes with a great pair of jeans, a tee, blazer, and scarf leaving me to feel comfortable and styled!

2. A purple scarf.  I know Orchid was last year's color and Marsala is this year's color but give me a break.  I don't care.  All I know is that purple is the most universally flattering color on all skin tones, hair colors, and complexions.  You might have to find the right shade for your self, and once you do you'll be in love.  I promise!  This color scarf will compliment the most patterns and solids for the changing season.

3.  A pair of tailored leg dark denim.  When it comes to versatility dark is the way to go.  These can be dressed with a black top and heels for a night out, and a tee and tennis shoes for a weekend errand.  You get the most bang for your buck when you invest in dark denim.  And no wide leg or flare jeans please.  [I know the retro wide leg trousers are in, but unless you are 6' 2" or wearing 4" heels don't even think about it.]

4.  A navy cardigan.  Here's the deal, we all wear a lot of black.  My self included!  But when you are dusting off the bright floral top or dress to wear this spring a black cardigan layered with it will darken the dress and make it look so serious.  If you are looking for that easy breezy style this season get comfortable with navy.  It's more seasonally appropriate and much more casual.

5.  Silk sleeveless tops.  First of all these tops should be a staple in your wardrobe year round.  But, if you haven't beefed up your collection this is the perfect time.  What I love about these is that you can layer them with heavier fabrics, like wool, and wear them through the rest of winter.  Then once Sven tells us it's going to hit 50 we can ditch the wool, grab the knit cardi and be ready to go!  Then when he tells us it's going be 60, we can leave the layer behind all together, throw on a great long necklace and we're ready again!

6.  Tunic dresses.  This is another piece that is easy to transition from season to season and it never gets old.  Right now I am rockin' my dresses with leggings, a great pair of boots, and bold scarf.  I am kept comfy and cozy with plenty of style, and no frump :)  As the days get warmer I change my layers and accessories piece by piece.  Boots turn to wedges, scarfs turn long necklaces, and leggings... well to nothing!

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