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It's tough these days to simply get dressed and walk out the door, the difficulty lies in multiple struggles.  For most of my clients it's not knowing what to wear or how to wear it.  We live if a very grey world sometimes [and I love the color grey].  Jeans can be dressy, blazers can be casual, nikes go with suits, and heals go with denim.  When you think it can't get any more confusing you ask your self, "Can I wear leggings as pants?"  The answer to that one is NO, sorry Lululemon it's time we move on from you.

The term business casual gets thrown around a lot, with very little definition.  So with how casual the dress code for life has gotten these days, just how do we dress professionally with out being overdressed!?!  Well, I'll tell you!  Here are 3 easy rules you can follow that will take any look from simple to styled.

Fashion is a formula.  Following a simple 3 part formula will result in a put together and polished outfit every time!  Make sure you are outfitting your self with pants that have a good fit, flatter your shape, and compliment your outfit.  Shoes are an easy add on, and if you are stuck always go with a tan or nude color shoe.  These two colors go with almost any outfit.

Top + Layer + Accessory = Styled Look

Dress for shape.  If there is too much fabric there will be too much frump!  You have to find balance in shape and minimize in one of three places.  Extra fabric should be minimized either at the top, bottom, or in the middle.  If you can look in the mirror and draw a box or rectangle around your self, there is a problem.

Implement tips and tricks to maximize style and overall look.  You and what you do each day is important, and you have value.  It’s key to present your self to the day and the world around you with that same level of value.

Wear red or leopard as an accessories.
Roll or cuff the sleeves of your jackets, cardigan, and long sleeve tops.
Never go with out an accessory.
Wear open necklines, such as vneck and scoop.
Tailor legged pants are the most flattering.

You might be saying to your self, this seems too easy.  Shouldn't I be learning how a suit should fit, or what the right hem length of pant is, etc etc etc.  Yes, those things are important, and can help you look 'professional'.  But let me tell you, if you are in a frumpy suit, or wearing separates that give you no shape, or have no personality in what you are wearing you don't look professional.  Colleagues, customers, and clients will look to you with respect when you respect your self.  Putting your self together and showing effort in your image is an important piece to the puzzle.  If it's missing, you don't get to see the whole picture.

Take these 3 steps and implement them with every style, you won't miss the mark!  If you don't care about your self, others won't either.

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