Fashion Fix Picks :: Best colors for spring!

I am having so much fun working with my clients right now!  It's such a fun and inspiring time of the year.  Getting women into spring colors, lighter fabrics, and strappy sandals can make a stylist happy :)  It's the simple things right, lol!  I have been helping my clients explore new colors for season and how to wear them now.  Getting into the neons and whites that summer brings can be a little intimidating.  Since our skin hasn't seen a ray of sun in quite some time, we need good transitional colors.  We need colors that help us to feel refreshed, not pale when we wear them!

Here are 6 colors I have identified that are complimentary to any skin tone, complexion, and hair color.  They are easy to wear and pair great with a variety of things!

Wear Now   ::  Navy, Blue Denim, Espresso
Wear Later  ::  Navy Stripes, White Denim, Linen
Accessorize With  ::  Red, Coral, Orange, Gold

Wear Now   ::  Black, Dark Denim, Taupe
Wear Later  ::  Grey, Light Wash Denim, Tan
Accessorize With  ::  Silver, Leopard, Navy, Blush

Wear Now   ::  Tomato, Chocolate, Pumpkin
Wear Later  ::  Cherry, Hazelnut, Tangerine
Accessorize With  ::  Gold, Coral, Leopard, White

Wear Now   ::  Brown, Navy, Tan
Wear Later  ::  Gold, Cloud, White
Accessorize With  ::  White, Silver, Wood

Wear Now   ::  Forest, Wood, Royal Purple
Wear Later  ::  Blade, White, Lavender
Accessorize With  ::  Acrylic, Leather, Gold, Leopard

Wear Now   ::  Slate, Blue, Magenta
Wear Later  ::  Clay, Ocean, Rose

Accessorize With  ::  White, Silver, Gold

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