Fashion Fix Picks :: Spring 2015

I am making my triumphant return to the writer's table this week!  I haven't graced the pages of this blog for about 2 months, and getting back here took some hard work and soul searching.  Well okay... maybe not soul searching as much as closet, shopping, and style searching :)  This year Fashion Fix has its sights on giving you more resources, solutions, and help when it comes to creating a styled and productive wardrobe.  Not only a wardrobe that looks good, but a wardrobe that make you feel good too!  My mission is to empower women and build confidence through a productive and styled wardrobe.  You might not find everything on this blog deep and earth shattering.  But you will find it practical, simple, and easy to follow.  Which I think is what we are all really looking for right?  Not another 'look at me being so cute and stylish all these clothes' kind of a blog.  So what better way to get back in the game than to talk about something timely, such as getting your spring wardrobe ready!

Here is what should be ready for you in your closet this season, and why!

1. A pair of vintage tennis shoes.  Vintage anything when it comes to fashion is hot hot hot.  But sporting a pair of throwback Nikes or New Balances has become a big big trend.  These look more styled than your retired Asics running shoes, and more updated than the shell toe Adidas you used to wear.  I wear my suede Nikes with a great pair of jeans, a tee, blazer, and scarf leaving me to feel comfortable and styled!

2. A purple scarf.  I know Orchid was last year's color and Marsala is this year's color but give me a break.  I don't care.  All I know is that purple is the most universally flattering color on all skin tones, hair colors, and complexions.  You might have to find the right shade for your self, and once you do you'll be in love.  I promise!  This color scarf will compliment the most patterns and solids for the changing season.

3.  A pair of tailored leg dark denim.  When it comes to versatility dark is the way to go.  These can be dressed with a black top and heels for a night out, and a tee and tennis shoes for a weekend errand.  You get the most bang for your buck when you invest in dark denim.  And no wide leg or flare jeans please.  [I know the retro wide leg trousers are in, but unless you are 6' 2" or wearing 4" heels don't even think about it.]

4.  A navy cardigan.  Here's the deal, we all wear a lot of black.  My self included!  But when you are dusting off the bright floral top or dress to wear this spring a black cardigan layered with it will darken the dress and make it look so serious.  If you are looking for that easy breezy style this season get comfortable with navy.  It's more seasonally appropriate and much more casual.

5.  Silk sleeveless tops.  First of all these tops should be a staple in your wardrobe year round.  But, if you haven't beefed up your collection this is the perfect time.  What I love about these is that you can layer them with heavier fabrics, like wool, and wear them through the rest of winter.  Then once Sven tells us it's going to hit 50 we can ditch the wool, grab the knit cardi and be ready to go!  Then when he tells us it's going be 60, we can leave the layer behind all together, throw on a great long necklace and we're ready again!

6.  Tunic dresses.  This is another piece that is easy to transition from season to season and it never gets old.  Right now I am rockin' my dresses with leggings, a great pair of boots, and bold scarf.  I am kept comfy and cozy with plenty of style, and no frump :)  As the days get warmer I change my layers and accessories piece by piece.  Boots turn to wedges, scarfs turn long necklaces, and leggings... well to nothing!

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Katherine said...

LOVE! So where should I be looking for 'tunic dresses'??

Lindsey Kuhn said...

Love the question Katherine! If you are looking for basic or fast fashion print/color go with Old Navy or H & M. If you want to invest in something more timeless I would check out Macy's or Nordstroms!