Repost: Get in on the sale!

The time is here!  Don't miss out on the deep discounts and great sale finds.  Post Christmas is the best time to get what you wish Santa had brought, but maybe didn't....  {Here} is a quick link to the original post about this time to shop.  Below is a snippet that is relevant to today.  One additional piece of advice is this, keep checking back.  Think about all of the sizes that didn't fit and things you really don't want that you will be returning.  Just as you are, many others will be doing the same thing.  So if today you don't see the medium in that sweater you want, it might be making it's way back tomorrow!  Also, the more that gets returned through out the weekend, the more is will be discounted!  So next weekend will be just as good for the getting as this weekend!

Stop, Drop, and Shop!

This post idea has been burning on my mind since its conception!  Some of the most frequently asked questions to Fashion Fix are: Where are the best places to shop? When is the best time shop?  Well; today I want to take time to thoroughly answer the later of the two.  I want to give you insider information on how stores move through merchandise and the schedule of pricing.  If you have read my little bio, you know that I spent over a decade working in retail.  So the information I am about to provide is legit!

I have created a calendar here to show an overview of how seasons work in the retail world.  Take a gander and then let's break it down.

Let's start with the two best times to shop clearance:

January & July


There are two major seasonal changes that happen in retail, Spring and Fall.  This when you see a major overhaul in the look of the store.  Not only is there entirely new merchandise, but you see new marketing, displays, color schemes, staff, etc.  Because of this major shift, stores need to liquidate overstock.  Retailers are desperate to get rid of this merchandise and you will typically see additional discounts taken off of the already reduced prices.  Be careful though, stores do not want to see these purchases come back!  Often they will make any sale purchases final sale, which means no returns no exchanges.

Next, two best times to preview new seasonal trends:

February & August


During these months stores may have not yet sold through the left overs from the previous season.  So, while they want to get to selling Spring/Fall goods they can't over do it with inventory.  What they do is release a "preview" of Spring/Fall.  This means that you will see a handful of pieces in new styles and colors.  But, I warn you!  Don't get all shopper crazy, these pieces won't last long and will most likely go to a markdown prices with in 3 weeks of arrival.  This is because this small collection is just a bridge to get us to the full release, that is when you want to go shopper crazy.  Sometimes these preview collections will arrive in stores at the end of January and July, but retailers are still in heavy clearance mode until February and August.

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