Buy What Gifts, Those Gift!?

I was listening to the radio the other night, and two pop culture ladies I listen to frequently (who go by the names Lori & Julia), were talking gift giving.  Not just any gift giving, but giving gifts off of gift guides many popular magazines and other publications produce.  Their comments spoke to me!!!  Who are these magazines writing to!!!  Here are some things I was told would be great gifts for him & her...

Gold-Plated and Gun-Metal Bracelet 
for $790

Mineral Wax-Blend Mini Scented Candles
for $130

Steel Watch with Alligator Strap
for $5,350

Acrylic, Glass, and Stainless-Steel Pocket Knife
for $200

I know some of these examples are extreme, but they were pulled from a magazine I get delivered to my door, and one that many of you also read.  This isn't the first year I have read through a gift guide and thought to my self, "ya right!"  And not even from magazines, but from popular blogs and writers I follow in the style and fashion industry (right here in Minneapolis!)  I know luxury is all the rage and people love to read about and look at pictures from opulent and picture perfect lifestyles, but I'm over it!  I cannot try to live like, look like, and gift like a lifestyle that is out of my reach and beyond my means.  I shop at Old Navy, thrift stores and only the clearance section at J.Crew.  So here's my gift guide for the coupon cutting and budget living gal!

I call this list 'things I love for people I love'.  These are places I go and things I buy on a regular basis that I think are the best, so I want to share them!

For Her:

A package of care!

For Him:

A package of relief!

Some quick notes.  In each of the packages there is at least one product from a  small local business here in Minneapolis.  In each package there is something unique the gift receiver may not have been introduced to before (ie: Harry's & Essie).

Happy Holidays, from one person living in the real world to another!

Now I have to get back to binge watching House of Cards.  Seriously, have you gotten into this yet!?

Oh! And PS - 

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