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I am pretty jazzed about this post!  I have countless clients who have hard to find items on their shopping list.  Most of the items become difficult to shop for because it's a fit issue, or style issue.  This time of the year the top trouble maker is the tall boot.  Two problems my clients have are: extended calf size and appropriate style for tweens.

Now the solution to these issues must be credited to the right people.  The first being my sister, she has found great boots for the extended calf size.  Both of these options are affordable and have great style.  They can be outfitted with dresses, denim, leggings, and skirts.  Also they provide comfort in their fit.  Elastic backs help to keep the shaft of the boot from cutting into the leg, and the wider shaft on the second option allows room to wear them over jeans!

Kimberely Riding Boots at Target
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Zane Riding Boot at Payless
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The second problem solver is one my first clients, Andrea.  This past weekend I ran into the two of them, and I was stopped in my tracks when I saw Ella's fantastic boots!  She is living on the edge of not being a kid any more, yet not quite a teenager.  Finding clothing and shoes that fit her style and that are age appropriate can be difficult.  This find in the shoe department was perfect.  No bedazzled details that you would typically get on a youth boot, and no sassy style that you might a 16 year old wearing.  She can live on that edge comfortably in these!

Lands End Kids Boots
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