Snowmen in Spring...

Dress - Old Navy; Cardigan - Gap; Scarf - Loehmanns; Shoes - Target; Jewelry - J.Crew, Loft

This Sunday is the holy holiday of Easter.  Typically this time of the year we can count on being able to wear bare legs, sleeveless dresses and whimsical accessories.  In the year of 2013 we can look forward to wearing our snow boots, down jackets and wool mittens.  As I look out my window I see frost and mounds of snow lining the streets.  This weather can make it stressful when trying to show off your 'Sunday Best' this Easter.  So here is my best shot at keeping you warm and styled this weekend!

Why This Works...
1. Do a heavy knit cotton scarf to keep you covered, but layer it with a dainty necklace.
2. Keep the silk floral dress in the mix but layer with a merino cardigan.  The wool will keep you warm with out the bulk.  Plus merino wool always comes in great colors!
3. Do black heels with black tights.  Your leg wear should not be part of the outfit, keep it neutral so your dress and accessories stand out.  Your tights should just be functional, no funky colors or prints and when you pair them with a black heels you will elongate your legs.

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Soccer in Spring...

Sweater - American Eagle; Denim - Loft; Scarf - Loft; Wellies - Hunter

Jacket - J.Crew

"Fashion Fix- I have a question. I will be going to an outdoor stadium to watch a soccer game next weekend. The weather in Philly is going to be pretty nice but I want to look stylish, cute but warm. We will be going for drinks and apps afterwards. What should I wear?"
Why This Works...
1. Merino wool is warm with out the bulk so you can layer as needed.
2. Dark denim can get dirty from sitting on bleachers and it won't show!
3. Wellies are great for muddy weather with out over-heating your feet like a snow boot would.
4. Do a printed scarf so when you go to the local watering hole after the game you can have an accessory that keeps you warm and cute.
5. A waxed utility jacket is more stylish and warmer that a rain coat.
6. Do simply jewelry to keep a feminine look with out overdoing it!      
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House Party...

Denim Jacket - J.Crew; Dress - J.Crew; Scarf - J.Crew; Leggings - J.Crew; Boots - MIA; Jewelry - Loft, J.Crew, Forever 21

It's that time of the year again, everybody has their Spring collection out and ready for shopping.  I have been to 2 Lia Sophia parties, Cabi, Tastefully Simple, and a 31 Party!  I can never say no to an invitation so my social calendar and pocket book are seeing a lot of action.  But what to wear, what to wear!?

Why This Works...
1. Bright colors, you are shopping Spring collections and the smell of fresh flowers in the air isn't far behind.
2. Keep the tone in check with a neutral layer, it's still cold outside.
3. Cover those legs, we haven't gotten any sun yet and leggings are little more casual than tights.
4. Riding boots add the perfect touch of style for wowing the other guests with your fashion sense ;)
5. The boots with the leggings make it less awkward if you are at a "no shoes" house.  You can remove the boots and have comfy socks instead of tights with a hole in the toe.
6. Charm bracelets are a great accessory that isn't overwhelming and top it off with a cocktail ring!

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Shop Till You Drop...

Cardi - Loft; Tunic - Loft; Leggings - J.Crew; Boots - J.Crew; Earrings - Lia Sophia

I have spent my life in a mall and continue to do so.  Seriously, I am a professional mallrat!  When I take a client out shopping I always give them strict instructions on what to wear and not to wear.  Dressing your self in the wrong pieces can hinder your fitting room and general mall experience.  Now I am not saying that dress like a shlub, slob, or shlep is okay!  There is a way to create an outfit that is fit for some serious power shopping while still having style.

Why This Works...
1. Easy open cardigan provides layering so you don't have to bring your coat in with you.
2. Silk tunic is loose with minimum structure, easy to slip on and off over your head with out messing up the hair to much.
3. Leggings, again easy to take on and off.  Also they will work with almost any tops you are trying on and not distract from the true fit of the garment.
4. Flat boots because they were made for walking.
5. No big accessories!  They will get caught when your are whipping on and off clothes.  Go with stud earrings and just a ring.  This way you are still accessorized and feel styled with out going over the top.

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Make Me Work....What!

Blouse - J.Crew; Cardi - J.Crew; Jeans - Loft; Belt - American Eagle Outfitters; Boots - Frye

I promised long ago that I would share tales from my adventures working at my man friend's auto shop.  How does a fashionista stay styled while working in a garage with oil spills, dust, dirty power tools, and gas leaking cars?  And on top of that he actually made me work on my own car this week!!!!  To be fair it was just changing my plates and I have used a power tool or two in my day, but still it was dirty YUCK

So knowing I was going into this day I had to have an outfit that was enough of my own lady like style yet functional for this kind of work.  By the by, great outfit for any outdoor activity that could be a little sloppy.

Why This Works...
1. Dark jeans, you can wipe your hands and spill on them with no visible dirt.
2. Skinny jeans, they tuck into your boots so the bottoms won't get dirty, wet or fray.
3. Boots, you can stomp around picking up clipped wires and sweep the floor without worrying about ruining your shoes.
4. Sunwashed blouse, lightweight, loose and easy to move in.
5. Cardigan in a dark color so you don't look too girly in your pink shirt....
6. Tuck in and belt because you still want to look like you care how you look even though you are in a car garage.  Plus when I hand people their bill they need to take me seriously, need to be as polished as I can here.