Shop Till You Drop...

Cardi - Loft; Tunic - Loft; Leggings - J.Crew; Boots - J.Crew; Earrings - Lia Sophia

I have spent my life in a mall and continue to do so.  Seriously, I am a professional mallrat!  When I take a client out shopping I always give them strict instructions on what to wear and not to wear.  Dressing your self in the wrong pieces can hinder your fitting room and general mall experience.  Now I am not saying that dress like a shlub, slob, or shlep is okay!  There is a way to create an outfit that is fit for some serious power shopping while still having style.

Why This Works...
1. Easy open cardigan provides layering so you don't have to bring your coat in with you.
2. Silk tunic is loose with minimum structure, easy to slip on and off over your head with out messing up the hair to much.
3. Leggings, again easy to take on and off.  Also they will work with almost any tops you are trying on and not distract from the true fit of the garment.
4. Flat boots because they were made for walking.
5. No big accessories!  They will get caught when your are whipping on and off clothes.  Go with stud earrings and just a ring.  This way you are still accessorized and feel styled with out going over the top.

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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

This is a really beautiful look, love the dress.