Why So Snoodie...

I love me the snood!!!  I just can't get a enough.  Really it's the perfect substitution for a scarf, and sorry
but I am moving past the scarf!  I need a new love and the snood
is the perfect rebound.  Plus it adds the right amount of sophistication to go to a
book reading at the downtown library in Minneapolis!

What....!  Yes that is what I did and this is what I wore.

I went to Talk of the Stacks sponsored MPR.  The presenter was Will Hermes
reading from his novel Love Goes to Buildings on Fire.
It was great and I recommend linking to his site and checking out his deal.
Loved it!

Snood Shirt - Loft
Blouse - J.Crew
Leggings - J.Crew
Boots - Frye

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