Shop Local, Shop Small: Mama's Happy!


I haven't posted one of these in awhile, a Shop Local Shop Small article!  A new store came to St Louis Park this weekend, right in my neighborhood!  And this place is happy, it says so right in the name!  I have been sitting on these photos for about 3 days now, not knowing where to start or how to even begin to describe this shop and business to y'all.  It's difficult due to the fact the this place is SO AWESOME, and it embodies everything Fashion Fix stands for!  I love partnering with other businesses across the Twin Cities, even more so when it's a business my heart quickly falls in love with.

Fashion Fix believes in empowering women & building confidence, providing them with tools and resources to be their best selves.  Mama's Happy takes it to a whole other level, these women are actually working with tools!  Seriously, hammers, nails, paint, glue guns, drills, and anything else you use to be crafty and creative.  This shop is a collaborative, pulling together women of all ages and lifestyles, giving them a space to showcase their talents and designs.  

Owner Amanda Ficek had vision to create a place where women could step outside of their everyday routine and find happiness in something that was just their own.  This is an oasis for shoppers, crafters, and more.  An oasis from being a meal planner, laundry doer, chauffeur, errand runner and everything else women in the home.

Everything these mamas make is either vintage, recycled, or re-purposed.  Using their imaginations and inspirations that motivate even me to be crafty, and that's a task!  And seriously they did.  I got a semi-private lesson in how to paint furniture using skilled techniques from Annie Sloan and her custom Chalk Paint.  I know what you are thinking... You need to be friends with me and get invited to these neat openings and events so you can get craft lessons too!  Guess what, you should be friends with me, but the gals at Mama's Happy teach workshops every month at multiple store locations!  And you can go!

Do have or know of a local shop/business Fashion Fix should visit?  Email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com and tell us about it!

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1 Outfit 1 Day 2 Ways


Like many of you, my days are not always filled with glitz, glamor, and gallivanting around from one fantastic thing to the next.  Yesterday my hours were scheduled for a Target run, going to the bank, waiting at the DMV, and hanging out with some cool kids in the afternoon.  Shorts and and a tank top it was; there was not even an accessory to be found on me.  But after all of that running around, I did have a rendezvous scheduled with some of favorite ladies at Bar La Grasa.  Obviously I wanted to be a little more put together for the the crowd at BLG.  Digging through my closet in a rush and making a costume change wasn't going to happen.  I already had enough on my to do list, stressing about clothes was not going to be another one.  So I took my day look to a styled night outfit.

Key Add Ons:

Layering with a blazer.  This gives a structured look that the knit tanks does not have on it's own.  Also the blazer is in navy, much more approachable than black and keeps the look casual.

Style is in the details.  Rolling the sleeves of the blazer shows off the striped lining and gives is a cool casual summer night feel.  The tiny tuck is essential, this breaks up the all the fabric and shows a waist line.

Accessorizing right.  A long necklace draws the eye in and compliments the line of the blazer.  Also, gold jewelery elevates any look.  A chunky bracelet is easy and a quick grab.  Wedge shoes, not as dressy as a heel but gives you the same 'night out' style!

Want to learn more about how you can restyle your wardrobe?  Visit the website:

And read about style consultations, personal shopping, and see how other clients have transformed their look!

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Client Story: Too Many Clothes, Not Enough Outfits?

At Fashion Fix, the mission is to empower women & build confidence.  I know you hear that a lot from me, but I really don't feel like I can say it enough!  When I started this business I knew how I wanted to make women feel before I knew how I was going to make them look.  Style isn't about looking like a Pinterest page, it's about feeling comfortable and confident with who you are.  It's my job is to provide tools and resources to my clients so they can be their best selves in order to live their best lives.

I could go on forever about what I do with Fashion Fix :)  But no one can explain it better than an actual client.  Their words and their stories about how their lives were changed are what keep me inspired.

"I have struggled with my wardrobe for years!  I felt like I had plenty of clothes but didn't know how to pull them together and didn't feel very up to date.  Lindsey’s commitment to use what I have in my wardrobe to create style was one reason I had her come and help me with my closet.  Her ideas were practical and easy to do.  Her rearranging of my clothes now helps me put together outfits more confidently.  I feel more confident knowing what I have in my closet, how to make better use of it, and what I need to complete my wardrobe.  Now I like how I look in  my clothes and learned new combinations for what I own.  Thanks a ton Lindsey!"

Time spent with clients is focused on teaching them how to style their current wardrobe into today's trends.  All while learning what cuts, colors and styles are best for their body and lifestyle.

Learn more about the Fashion Fix Style Consultation, and how you can become a client by visiting fashionfixmn.com.

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Oil Pulling: ya or nay...?


So I don't often write about non Fashion Fix related subjects, mostly because I am not good at 'lifestyle' blogging.  Nor do I care to be, ha!  But I'll make an acceptation here, only because this a crazy trend that just seems to good to be true.  Plus there are many friends, family members, and clients who are eagerly waiting my report, and this is the best way to reach the masses  :)

First, let me tell you what I did, well... oil pulling.  For those of you who have no idea what this is I'll explain.  I took 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, swished it around in my mouth for 20 minutes, then spit it out.  Let's talk about that for a minute, because it's weird.  If you are familiar with coconut oil you know that it is a solid when at room temperature, it does not liquify until it is heated up.  So when you scoop that tablespoon into your mouth, yes it is a solid!  After sitting in your mouth for about 10 - 15 seconds it becomes a liquid and then is much easier to swish around.

Let's also discuss the time and taste.  The time really isn't as bad as it sounds.  Most of the days I did it when I was getting in the shower and getting ready, I did it at night when I was futzing on my computer, or in the morning as I watched KLG & Hoda.  So you become distracted and 20 minutes goes by pretty quick.  As for the taste, there really wasn't much.  I know it sounds surprising but after about a minute or two the taste goes away.

Second, let me tel you why I did it.  I have heard people report that oil pulling helps to whiten your teeth.  Being a recovering bleaching addict, I thought this would be a nice healthy and natural alternative.  Other pullers have said that it helped to reduce their allergy sufferings.  How or why either of these two things happen, I have no idea.  But what the heck, I thought I'd give it a try.

As far as the teeth whitening, you can be the judge.

So, what's your judgement?  Maybe a shade or two lighter...?

Full dis-closer, I also used Arm & Hammer toothpaste and a Sonicare Toothbrush.

As for the other health benefit, my allergies, it did make a difference.  If there was a before and after picture of that, I would provide it.  But I don't know what that picture would be?  It was most notably effective when I would pull before bedtime.  With out pulling, I would wake up stuffy and with a dry throat (especially if the window was open during my slumber).  When I would pull before bed, I woke up clear and with less pressure.

All in all, I will continue oil pulling.  It's no mess, it doesn't taste bad, and I feel cleaner when I pull.

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Style For A Cause


See this look on my face...  it was there all night long!

I couldn't hold in my joy one bit on Tuesday night as I gathered with friends and family to celebrate a local business and support a local charity.  Kokoon design house in Minneapolis, hosted a charity style and shopping event where donations were gathered for Ascension Place, helping women in need who are struggling through transition.  

Guest were encouraged to bring donations from their closets, and in return received up to $50 off any purchases made that night at Kokoon.  Volunteers accepted and sorted all donations as they came in, getting the goods ready for the stylists challenge that would happen later that evening!

Through out the night there was a runway show, highlighting the Spring and Summer Kokoon collection.  Huge applause my gal Karin Pecchia who was one of the selected models!  Hello, what a stunner!  (You might recognize Karin from also being one of my featured clients in this article {here}.)
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While the runway was in full swing so was the shopping!  Racks, and racks, and racks of the most amazing pieces from Kokoon.  I couldn't get enough!

And to throw a little pizzazz into the night, as if there wasn't enough already!  We had a style challenge that I participated in along with Jessica Bergsten from 1200 Miles to Barneys,  Sasha Westin from Fabuliss, Jane Simpson from Kokoon, and Jennifer Allen from Stella & Dot.  We took the donated clothes and created new looks, showing guest how to make old new again.  Here's sweet little video of Karin and I showing off her look I created.

If you missed out, don't fret!  I am predicting another event in our futures...  Through out the night the message was clear.  We are in this together.  Guest were thrilled to learn more about Ascension Place and how they can continue to support their cause.  On top of that over 500 units of clothing and accessories were collected to help the women of Ascension Place!  My client Anna had this say about the evening:  

"... it was so great to see small businesses banding together for the greater good and I loved being able to be a part of that.

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