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See this look on my face...  it was there all night long!

I couldn't hold in my joy one bit on Tuesday night as I gathered with friends and family to celebrate a local business and support a local charity.  Kokoon design house in Minneapolis, hosted a charity style and shopping event where donations were gathered for Ascension Place, helping women in need who are struggling through transition.  

Guest were encouraged to bring donations from their closets, and in return received up to $50 off any purchases made that night at Kokoon.  Volunteers accepted and sorted all donations as they came in, getting the goods ready for the stylists challenge that would happen later that evening!

Through out the night there was a runway show, highlighting the Spring and Summer Kokoon collection.  Huge applause my gal Karin Pecchia who was one of the selected models!  Hello, what a stunner!  (You might recognize Karin from also being one of my featured clients in this article {here}.)
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While the runway was in full swing so was the shopping!  Racks, and racks, and racks of the most amazing pieces from Kokoon.  I couldn't get enough!

And to throw a little pizzazz into the night, as if there wasn't enough already!  We had a style challenge that I participated in along with Jessica Bergsten from 1200 Miles to Barneys,  Sasha Westin from Fabuliss, Jane Simpson from Kokoon, and Jennifer Allen from Stella & Dot.  We took the donated clothes and created new looks, showing guest how to make old new again.  Here's sweet little video of Karin and I showing off her look I created.

If you missed out, don't fret!  I am predicting another event in our futures...  Through out the night the message was clear.  We are in this together.  Guest were thrilled to learn more about Ascension Place and how they can continue to support their cause.  On top of that over 500 units of clothing and accessories were collected to help the women of Ascension Place!  My client Anna had this say about the evening:  

"... it was so great to see small businesses banding together for the greater good and I loved being able to be a part of that.

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