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Like many of you, my days are not always filled with glitz, glamor, and gallivanting around from one fantastic thing to the next.  Yesterday my hours were scheduled for a Target run, going to the bank, waiting at the DMV, and hanging out with some cool kids in the afternoon.  Shorts and and a tank top it was; there was not even an accessory to be found on me.  But after all of that running around, I did have a rendezvous scheduled with some of favorite ladies at Bar La Grasa.  Obviously I wanted to be a little more put together for the the crowd at BLG.  Digging through my closet in a rush and making a costume change wasn't going to happen.  I already had enough on my to do list, stressing about clothes was not going to be another one.  So I took my day look to a styled night outfit.

Key Add Ons:

Layering with a blazer.  This gives a structured look that the knit tanks does not have on it's own.  Also the blazer is in navy, much more approachable than black and keeps the look casual.

Style is in the details.  Rolling the sleeves of the blazer shows off the striped lining and gives is a cool casual summer night feel.  The tiny tuck is essential, this breaks up the all the fabric and shows a waist line.

Accessorizing right.  A long necklace draws the eye in and compliments the line of the blazer.  Also, gold jewelery elevates any look.  A chunky bracelet is easy and a quick grab.  Wedge shoes, not as dressy as a heel but gives you the same 'night out' style!

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