Client Story: Too Many Clothes, Not Enough Outfits?

At Fashion Fix, the mission is to empower women & build confidence.  I know you hear that a lot from me, but I really don't feel like I can say it enough!  When I started this business I knew how I wanted to make women feel before I knew how I was going to make them look.  Style isn't about looking like a Pinterest page, it's about feeling comfortable and confident with who you are.  It's my job is to provide tools and resources to my clients so they can be their best selves in order to live their best lives.

I could go on forever about what I do with Fashion Fix :)  But no one can explain it better than an actual client.  Their words and their stories about how their lives were changed are what keep me inspired.

"I have struggled with my wardrobe for years!  I felt like I had plenty of clothes but didn't know how to pull them together and didn't feel very up to date.  Lindsey’s commitment to use what I have in my wardrobe to create style was one reason I had her come and help me with my closet.  Her ideas were practical and easy to do.  Her rearranging of my clothes now helps me put together outfits more confidently.  I feel more confident knowing what I have in my closet, how to make better use of it, and what I need to complete my wardrobe.  Now I like how I look in  my clothes and learned new combinations for what I own.  Thanks a ton Lindsey!"

Time spent with clients is focused on teaching them how to style their current wardrobe into today's trends.  All while learning what cuts, colors and styles are best for their body and lifestyle.

Learn more about the Fashion Fix Style Consultation, and how you can become a client by visiting fashionfixmn.com.

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