Get to the Ponte...

The skinny pant debate is never ending!  Women I work with are always stuck when it comes to wearing and styling them selves in the skinny pant.  Mostly because they are the normal lady in life who wants to make sure she is wearing an appropriate style for her body shape.

We don't want anyone to miss out on showing off the cute new boots they bought because the don't have a bottom to outfit them with.  The solution...


Ponte is a fabric that is forgiving to all, hides what you want it to hide, hugs you in, and shows you off.  It stretches in all directions for comfort and perfect fit.  This is absolutely a must have if you are nervous about getting into your first pair of skinny pants!


A Lady in the Last Day...

According to Belinda, today will be the last day we get to enjoy any type of Summer weather.  It is apparently going to climb up to 75 degrees today!!!!  Here we are living our lives in Fall fashion and have to revert to warm weather clothes for a day.

What is a lady in the fashion of life to wear...

Why this works...

1. The top is a light weight, fine gauge sweater.  With its dolman sleeves you won't over heat in the sun!
2. Great Fall colors are still being worn.
3. Those boots you dusted off a couple weeks ago, you still get to stomp around in them (even when warms up). 

Sweater - Loft
Jeans - Loft (current, modern skinny)
Boots - Frye 


Lady on the Radio...

Last night I had so much fun chit-chatting with Jordana Green on her WCCO radio show here in the Twin Cities.  We talked about how to transition your Spring/Summer wardrobe into Fall and what treasures you might find in the back of your closet that can work for current trends.  

Take a listen to podcast...

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I also reignited a love with my denim shirt and had wear it today.  This is one of those outfits we see on Pinterest and in magazines and think..."Where would I wear that?"  Today, I wore it to the doctor, an afternoon meeting and later to a movie with a friend.  So really, where could you where this?  I say everywhere!

Denim Shirt - Steve & Berry's
Maxi Skirt - Loft
Belt - Heartbreaker


A Lady at Lunch...

Running out for a few meetings today and a lunch at Crave West End.

Why this works...
  • Silk is great and feminine.  The cut and color make it casual for everyday here.
  • Splash of color with the neutral.  Loving the yellow belt and one yellow bangle.
  • Have fun with shoes.  Here you see a great snake print in the shoe.

Blouse - Loft (current)
Jeans - Loft (current, modern skinny)
Belt - Loft
Shoes - Target (similar style available now)