#3 Nail It Down...

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The next resolution on the list women are making this year is to keep their nails manicured.  This is one of my favorites because I am resolving this my self.  What I have found is that when my nails are clipped, filed, and painted I feel like a lady.  My hair could be unwashed, no make-up, yoga pants and hoodie looking like I was dragged out of bed but, if I have on some Lincoln Park In The Dark on by O.P.I. I feel like a movie star.  I don't know what it is but when my nails are done all is right in the world.  Maybe it is because it's one thing that says "See, I do take of my self!  I know I am a fashion don't right now but look!  I painted my nails!!!"  (Excessive exclamations needed because when you are defending your self emotions are involved.)

Don't feel overwhelmed, color isn't always a must.  I love a good shiny clear top coat that protects my nails from chipping and breaking.  Top pick is Essie's No Chips Ahead.  This last almost as long as a gel manicure but easier to get off and cheaper!  If you don't believe me try it.  Challenge yourself to one week of nails done and tell me the results.  I promise you will see the difference!

To help you get started we are giving away a bottle of Essie's No Chips Ahead!  Join this blog site as a member to be entered in to drawings everyday this week.  Prizes will help you get 2013 off to the right style!  Winners announced Friday 1/11/12.

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This week is all about how to kick your 2013 fashion & beauty into gear.  I surveyed women of all ages and walks of life and asked them what they resolve to change in their closet or vanity.  These are the top 5 responses I got.  To hear more about this topic link up to the podcast below where you can hear my interview on WCCO radio with Jordana Green!


Sophie said...

love it! A new manicure is the best way to start the week :D

CourtneyM closetfashionfix said...

Love the colors! I NEED a manicure, now if I could only find the time!

Lindaisy said...

I know time is my mortal enemy. I have a wedding to attend this weekend and I am already stressing about getting my nails done!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

These colors are so beautiful, I love the first one and of course, the red one!