#1 Save Face...






Here we are at the bottom of our countdown.  The number one beauty resolution for 2013 is to save our faces!  That's right, women are resolving to wash off their make-up every night and to moisturize daily.  Can you believe it, I thought we learned to do this at age 14?  But as it would be women from 25-65 aren't performing the regime as often as they should.  I know I'm not, whoops!

We know that keeping our selves hydrated inside and out is the best way to remedy and prevent aging and damage to the skin.  I often find that when I do this nightly I am refreshed and relaxed ready to slip in to a deep slumber for the night.  Also when we wash away the day we keep our pillow cases and sheets a little bit cleaner.  Think about it, sleep with dirt and make-up on then pillows get dirty.  Wash up the next night but going to sleep on the pillow you dirtied the night before, doesn't make sense.  Make the commitment today and keep clean in 2013!

To help you get started we are giving away My Favorite Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works!  I suffer from chronic chapped lips and this has saved me!  Join this blog site as a member to be entered in to drawings everyday this week.  Prizes will help you get 2013 off to the right style!  Winners announced Monday 1/14/2013.

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This week is all about how to kick your 2013 fashion & beauty into gear.  I surveyed women of all ages and walks of life and asked them what they resolve to change in their closet or vanity.  These are the top 5 responses I got.  To hear more about this topic link up to the podcast below where you can hear my interview on WCCO radio with Jordana Green!