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The next resolution that almost topped the list is to GET YOUR CLOSET ORGANIZED!  This is my business and my passion, needless to say I wish it had made the number one spot.  Women are constantly saying "I have nothing to wear..." "What every happened to..." "I can't find my..."  My mission in this life is to erase those sentences from women's vocabulary.  First of all you need to have an orderly closet with your garments stored properly because this will help them live longer.  When you throw them on the floor, fold them incorrectly, hang them improperly you will damage the garment.  Save your self heart ache and money by taking care of what you own!!!

Second, when you have a system to how you store your wardrobe you will be able to find what you want to wear when you want to wear it.  Women lose so much time in the morning when getting ready and they can't find what they are looking for.  In addition, when your clothing is a mess you can't even see what you own.  That is when the biggest sin is committed and we say "I have nothing to wear..."  Trust me you have something to wear, you just can't see it when your closet isn't properly organized.  Even when you don't have a mess or you may not own a lot, having your clothes stored in the right order will help you see outfits to put together.  You will also see how to wear old things in new ways.

If you are called to action and need help, I am here!  Link up to Fashion Fix LLC and we will come rescue you from your wardrobe malfunctions!

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This week is all about how to kick your 2013 fashion & beauty into gear.  I surveyed women of all ages and walks of life and asked them what they resolve to change in their closet or vanity.  These are the top 5 responses I got.  To hear more about this topic link up to the podcast below where you can hear my interview on WCCO radio with Jordana Green!

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