#4 If The Dress Fits...

Four on resolution road can be a tricky one.  Women often go through body change and we love to call it a "journey", it sounds nicer that way.  I call it "I met man friend, we dated, we ate and drank (a lot), we fell in love, now we are 20 lbs heavier".

When the weight goes up and waist line goes out our clothes don't quite fit the same.  Wearing garments that fit the size we are the figure we have is the next fashion resolution women are making in 2013.   When we wear articles of clothing that are the right fit rather than what we hope is the "right" size, our figure is flattered and we look proportioned in our shape.  When you keep squeezing into those jeans that are 2 sizes too small or continue camouflaging your waist with bulky oversized tops, you do more harm than good.

A great tip I give clients who are struggling to dress their new body is to follow a celebrity who has a similar body type to you.  Look at pieces they are wearing, how garments are structured on them, accessories that they layer, colors, etc.  This is a great way to get inspiration and education on how to dress right!

To help you get started we are giving away a $10 Target gift card to put towards that new pair of jeans you need or a new top that fits properly!  Join this blog site as a member to be entered in to drawings everyday this week.  Prizes will help you get 2013 off to the right style! 

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This week is all about how to kick your 2013 fashion & beauty into gear.  I surveyed women of all ages and walks of life and asked them what they resolve to change in their closet or vanity.  These are the top 5 responses I got.  To hear more about this topic link up to the podcast below where you can hear my interview on WCCO radio with Jordana Green!

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