Every hour of everyday I receive dozens of notification, on just this one pin!  People just can't get enough of her style and beauty, who can blame them.  

I love this look too, that's why I pinned it from the blog I follow, My Curves & Curls.  It was pinned from {this} specific post.  I got to thinking, why does everyone love this look?  Let's break it down.

1. Layer; adding a 3rd piece makes any outfit polished and put together.  Blazers are especially magical, when worn they really elevate a look.

2. Stripes; a pattern that is only two colors is an endless canvas.  You can accessorize a zillion colors in almost any shade with patterns like this.  A special note: two colored patterns in neutrals are the best; ie: navy & white, black & white, tan & white, tan & black, etc.

3. Bright Color; a splash of color in a jeweled tone is jazzy!  Mustard is always a surprise touch when worn, and it pops with navy.  But you could swap this out for purple, pink, red, etc and get the same effect.

4. Detailed Accessory; hand bags with hardware or metal jewelry adds interest to a look.  Layering in the right accessories show intention when you were getting dressed :)

5. Animal Print; this is the number print I advice all my clients to introduce into their wardrobe.  All stylist will tell you that animal print should be worn like a neutral, can be added to almost any outfit.

Okay Okay Okay, but how are women in Minneapolis doing this.  I'll show you!  See how Fashion Fix clients are implementing these style tips.

1. Layer

2. Stripes

3. Bright Color

5. Animal Print

-all looks styled by Fashion Fix during in home wardrobe consultations
-these are real women, from real outfits, from real closets
-once again the photo is from My Curves & Curls, photo credit

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This past week, Fashion Fix was asked to be a part of a career fair that happened at Rasmussen College.  It's not what you think, I wasn't there recruiting stylist or hiring employees - I wish, the business hasn't grown that big, but we're on the way!  Fashion Fix was asked to be available to to students and answer questions about professional dress.  It was a lot of the usual; "..what do I wear on a first interview?" "...is it possible to be overdressed?" "...do I have to wear black?" etc. etc. etc.

What caught my attention though were all the questions about business casual dress codes!  So many students couldn't wrap their head around when it's okay to wear jeans, what shoes are appropriate and more.  Who can blame them, there many interpretations of appropriateness in the workplace.  And I'll be the first to say, I don't want to police that.  I did my best to give them guidance, but we all love a visual right?

-these are real people, in real outfits, from real closets :)
-the 'no' outfits I still like, and think they are cute (I did style them!); they are just not work appropriate
-this is not business professional - this casual friday

 Why?  Sperry's are for the weekend & statement necklaces dress up an outfit.

Why?  Jean jackets are to casual, especially with cotton pants & navy blazers make any outfit work ready.

 Why?  Bare arms can be questionable & again, the navy blazer!

Why?  Leaving blouses un-tucked can look sloppy & wearing a belt makes you polished and professional.

Why?  If you are wearing a drapey top or knit, a cardigan gives you no structure & a statement necklace is more elevated than a voluminous scarf.

Why?  Pull over sweater + jeans and no layer = laid back look & blazers + printed tops = polished.

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Spring is upon us, wait... well the sun is upon us and some of you are traveling to spring like destinations?!  Ha, here in Minnesota I am looking out my window at about 9 feet of snow, ice covered roads, and sub zero temperatures.  To comfort the winter blues and cure cabin fever, a lot of my clients are desperate to shop for something that gives them hope of warm weather.  Yet, they want to be able to wear spring like styles now.  Who can blame them!  Hello, in come the denim jacket!!!!

I LOVE the denim jacket, and inevitably it ends up on every single clients shopping; unless the have one already.  I wear mine all year round, but it does get most play time in spring, summer, and fall.  You can wear it a million ways, with millions of outfits.  So if you are looking for a seasonal pick me up this the piece to get.  Here are some of my favorite looks.

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Big Girl Wears Looks From The Runway!

I know the title is a little dramatic, but go with me!

Last weekend my gal pals (Stylist Sarah & 1,200 Miles to Barneys), and I got invited to preview the spring collection from local Minneapolis designer Laine Sou Weinberg, who founded Kokoon - a boutique without boarders!  That night I found my heaven on earth.  Full disclosure, I'm a size 16 right now, and am struggling to find my comfort and style.  But as I tried on every piece she had I felt beautiful and styled!  It's rare that a high end designer makes a collection that is flattering to women of all sizes.  I cringed at the thought of trying on sample sizes at the show that night.  Just imaging my self slipping into tops and dresses I loved on models and then hating on my self.  I almost cried when the first garment I tried on slipped over tummy and wasn't restricting.  I couldn't believe it when the second, third, and forth piece fit too!  It was unbelievable that something I had just seen a 6ft tall size 2 model was fitting on my body.  Not only was her collection inviting, warm, and beautiful, so was she.  Laine took the time to connect and visit with me and my friends.  She was kind, approachable, and down to earth!  She loved hearing my experience with trying on her clothing and was as happy as I was.

I am already filling my books with clients, scheduling sessions for them at the Kokoon studios to find the same comfort and style I did.  From my lips - and my heart -  to your ears Kokoon made me feel beautiful!

Here's some of the things that stole my heart!

1.  curved hem
2.  popcorn 
3.  languid

4.  layer cake
5.  madame butterfly
6.  jacobean maxi dress

Whether you shop your self or with a stylist - but really you should shop with me ;) -, you have to check out Kokoon.  More disclosure: I am not getting paid, not getting any spiffs, I am not getting anything by sharing this with you.  This is a good 'ol fashion referral!