This past week, Fashion Fix was asked to be a part of a career fair that happened at Rasmussen College.  It's not what you think, I wasn't there recruiting stylist or hiring employees - I wish, the business hasn't grown that big, but we're on the way!  Fashion Fix was asked to be available to to students and answer questions about professional dress.  It was a lot of the usual; "..what do I wear on a first interview?" "...is it possible to be overdressed?" "...do I have to wear black?" etc. etc. etc.

What caught my attention though were all the questions about business casual dress codes!  So many students couldn't wrap their head around when it's okay to wear jeans, what shoes are appropriate and more.  Who can blame them, there many interpretations of appropriateness in the workplace.  And I'll be the first to say, I don't want to police that.  I did my best to give them guidance, but we all love a visual right?

-these are real people, in real outfits, from real closets :)
-the 'no' outfits I still like, and think they are cute (I did style them!); they are just not work appropriate
-this is not business professional - this casual friday

 Why?  Sperry's are for the weekend & statement necklaces dress up an outfit.

Why?  Jean jackets are to casual, especially with cotton pants & navy blazers make any outfit work ready.

 Why?  Bare arms can be questionable & again, the navy blazer!

Why?  Leaving blouses un-tucked can look sloppy & wearing a belt makes you polished and professional.

Why?  If you are wearing a drapey top or knit, a cardigan gives you no structure & a statement necklace is more elevated than a voluminous scarf.

Why?  Pull over sweater + jeans and no layer = laid back look & blazers + printed tops = polished.

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