Thrift Week at Fashion Fix!

I love shoes and I love jewelry!  Why, because no matter how much my waist size changes, I can always fit in to my statement necklaces and leopard flats!  But as always, at Fashion Fix we understand the mission of finding style that fits your body and your budget!  Even if it's just accessories...  Which is why I have partnered with Second Debut Boutique for the first ever #thriftweek.  All week on facebook, twitter, and the blog you will be introduced the great styles and prices offered at Second Debut.  Leading up to the grand finale on Saturday January 4th when Fashion Fix will be teaching a FREE workshop at the boutique!

Workshop 1 - Out With The Old & In With The New; How to organize and clean out your closet. Learn what should go, what should stay, and how it all should be put away!

This class is the first in a 3 part series.  It is free to attend, pre-registration is not required.  You will receive a 10% discount on all purchases made at Second Debut Boutique this day.

For more details and other upcoming events link {here} to the facebook events page!

Cap toe never goes out of style or season!

Thrift goes luxury at Second Debut, can I get you into some Burberry...?

Metallics are a year round style!

I am on the constant search for the perfect espadrilles.

This a classic style from J.Crew you won't find anywhere else!

The chunky heel and caramel color spoke to me, they were words of love.

Peep toe bootie with snap details, and in suede.  Sold!

Oxfords for women are a classy style.

Who wants cowboy boots at affordable prices?!  I do I do!!!


Repost: Get in on the sale!

The time is here!  Don't miss out on the deep discounts and great sale finds.  Post Christmas is the best time to get what you wish Santa had brought, but maybe didn't....  {Here} is a quick link to the original post about this time to shop.  Below is a snippet that is relevant to today.  One additional piece of advice is this, keep checking back.  Think about all of the sizes that didn't fit and things you really don't want that you will be returning.  Just as you are, many others will be doing the same thing.  So if today you don't see the medium in that sweater you want, it might be making it's way back tomorrow!  Also, the more that gets returned through out the weekend, the more is will be discounted!  So next weekend will be just as good for the getting as this weekend!

Stop, Drop, and Shop!

This post idea has been burning on my mind since its conception!  Some of the most frequently asked questions to Fashion Fix are: Where are the best places to shop? When is the best time shop?  Well; today I want to take time to thoroughly answer the later of the two.  I want to give you insider information on how stores move through merchandise and the schedule of pricing.  If you have read my little bio, you know that I spent over a decade working in retail.  So the information I am about to provide is legit!

I have created a calendar here to show an overview of how seasons work in the retail world.  Take a gander and then let's break it down.

Let's start with the two best times to shop clearance:

January & July


There are two major seasonal changes that happen in retail, Spring and Fall.  This when you see a major overhaul in the look of the store.  Not only is there entirely new merchandise, but you see new marketing, displays, color schemes, staff, etc.  Because of this major shift, stores need to liquidate overstock.  Retailers are desperate to get rid of this merchandise and you will typically see additional discounts taken off of the already reduced prices.  Be careful though, stores do not want to see these purchases come back!  Often they will make any sale purchases final sale, which means no returns no exchanges.

Next, two best times to preview new seasonal trends:

February & August


During these months stores may have not yet sold through the left overs from the previous season.  So, while they want to get to selling Spring/Fall goods they can't over do it with inventory.  What they do is release a "preview" of Spring/Fall.  This means that you will see a handful of pieces in new styles and colors.  But, I warn you!  Don't get all shopper crazy, these pieces won't last long and will most likely go to a markdown prices with in 3 weeks of arrival.  This is because this small collection is just a bridge to get us to the full release, that is when you want to go shopper crazy.  Sometimes these preview collections will arrive in stores at the end of January and July, but retailers are still in heavy clearance mode until February and August.


Buy What Gifts, Those Gift!?

I was listening to the radio the other night, and two pop culture ladies I listen to frequently (who go by the names Lori & Julia), were talking gift giving.  Not just any gift giving, but giving gifts off of gift guides many popular magazines and other publications produce.  Their comments spoke to me!!!  Who are these magazines writing to!!!  Here are some things I was told would be great gifts for him & her...

Gold-Plated and Gun-Metal Bracelet 
for $790

Mineral Wax-Blend Mini Scented Candles
for $130

Steel Watch with Alligator Strap
for $5,350

Acrylic, Glass, and Stainless-Steel Pocket Knife
for $200

I know some of these examples are extreme, but they were pulled from a magazine I get delivered to my door, and one that many of you also read.  This isn't the first year I have read through a gift guide and thought to my self, "ya right!"  And not even from magazines, but from popular blogs and writers I follow in the style and fashion industry (right here in Minneapolis!)  I know luxury is all the rage and people love to read about and look at pictures from opulent and picture perfect lifestyles, but I'm over it!  I cannot try to live like, look like, and gift like a lifestyle that is out of my reach and beyond my means.  I shop at Old Navy, thrift stores and only the clearance section at J.Crew.  So here's my gift guide for the coupon cutting and budget living gal!

I call this list 'things I love for people I love'.  These are places I go and things I buy on a regular basis that I think are the best, so I want to share them!

For Her:

A package of care!

For Him:

A package of relief!

Some quick notes.  In each of the packages there is at least one product from a  small local business here in Minneapolis.  In each package there is something unique the gift receiver may not have been introduced to before (ie: Harry's & Essie).

Happy Holidays, from one person living in the real world to another!

Now I have to get back to binge watching House of Cards.  Seriously, have you gotten into this yet!?

Oh! And PS - 

Net month kicks off the 2014 Style Right Workshop season, link up {here} for the schedule.


Holiday Attire Tips

This week I have been chatting alot about holiday wear.  And by chatting I mean tweeting, facebooking, and blogging.  Lots of clients are heading out to parties for work, play, and fun.  And lots of clients are having a hard time deciding what to wear!  Living in this northern tundra adds some difficulty, trying to style your self for a fancy event when the wind chill is -20 degrees stinks!  Another challenge is creating a look that feels festive with out being, well... a joke.

So my job is to keep you from looking like that punch line!

Do - Dress in trend; lace, velvet, brocade, etc..
Don't - Dress in all the trends at once; looking like you walked off the set of Game of Thrones.

Do - Go head to toe with color; mix it up with different shades.
Don't - Dress like a crayola crayon; trying to match everything exact from apparel to shoes to accessories.

Do - Wear separates; mixing and matching skirt, pants, tops, and jackets.
Don't - Look like a politician in a pant suit, channeling your inner Hilary.

Do - Look festive; metallics, green, red, etc...
Don't - Look like you are part of the decorations!

All looks were styled on the Fashion Fix Polyvore board!


Holiday Attire Tricks

Holiday parties and get togethers don’t have to be a style stress.  With all of the shopping, cooking, planning, wrapping, hosting, decorating, etc…  Who needs another thing to worry about, not me?!  But you want to look glamorous and not gaudy when you are celebrating with friends and family.  So here are some quick tricks to keep it simple when getting dressed for any holiday celebration.

Shop you closet - you’d be surprised what seasonal pieces can look festive.

You can pair a dark pair of printed pants with a great metallic top.

A red sweater is great worn with a gold skirt or dress.

 Pair a cream or white dress or skirt with black opaque tights and platform heel.

Go for black - it’s easy to dress up with sparkly jewelry for party.

 Accessorize a LBD with a fantastic statement necklace.

 Pair a silk black tunic with a pair of skinny black pants and then layer with a long pearls and sparkly earrings.

 Take a black skirt and fun blouse, then finish it off with a metallic belt and a statement necklace.

Dresses - it’s one piece that needs no matching, just get great shoes!

                                                       Go for a traditional color but in an interesting style.

                            Think outside the box and wear a jewel tone.  It can be a festive yet classy look.

 Sparkle and shine are always in style for any holiday look.  Little accessorizing is need for a look like this!

Denim is okay - just go DARK DARK DARK.

Style a pair of straight jeans with a blouse and a structured blazer.  Add a heel and you are party ready.

A traditional trouser jean is classy and feminine.  Pair it with a jewel tone silk blouse and platform heels for a great evening outfit.

Skinny denim is best with a flowy tunic top that fits long.  This outfit can be worn with a classic pair of flats or loafers if you have a long party night ahead!

I want to know what your go to holiday look is, any suggestions for the readers?


Style Found: Holiday Parties!!!

I don't participate in Throwback Thursday all the time, but every now and then I find some good photos from days gone by that I like to share.  Today's pulls are relevant and they were actually chosen by you, the reader!  I have been doing a lot of speaking and home parties lately, and with the holiday season upon us I am showered with questions about party attire.  Ladies want to know what glitz, glamor, and sparkle they should or should not be wearing.  So I know this is a relevant topic with women searching the web for the answers.  How do I know the web is being searched...?  The number one post being read on the blog this month is one from last Christmas giving outfit ideas for the season.  (It has nearly double the about of reads than the runner up!)

 But you can't just have one style inspiration, so here are the other two post from that series ;)

Holiday Sparkle 12/17/12; link {here}

Holiday Glitz 12/19/12; link {here}

Holiday Glamor 12/22/12; link {here}

See you Saturday at the Maplewood Women's Expo!  Stop by the Fashion Fix vendor booth for discounts and a gift with purchase.


Style Found; Boots

I am pretty jazzed about this post!  I have countless clients who have hard to find items on their shopping list.  Most of the items become difficult to shop for because it's a fit issue, or style issue.  This time of the year the top trouble maker is the tall boot.  Two problems my clients have are: extended calf size and appropriate style for tweens.

Now the solution to these issues must be credited to the right people.  The first being my sister, she has found great boots for the extended calf size.  Both of these options are affordable and have great style.  They can be outfitted with dresses, denim, leggings, and skirts.  Also they provide comfort in their fit.  Elastic backs help to keep the shaft of the boot from cutting into the leg, and the wider shaft on the second option allows room to wear them over jeans!

Kimberely Riding Boots at Target
Buy {here}

Zane Riding Boot at Payless
Buy {here}

The second problem solver is one my first clients, Andrea.  This past weekend I ran into the two of them, and I was stopped in my tracks when I saw Ella's fantastic boots!  She is living on the edge of not being a kid any more, yet not quite a teenager.  Finding clothing and shoes that fit her style and that are age appropriate can be difficult.  This find in the shoe department was perfect.  No bedazzled details that you would typically get on a youth boot, and no sassy style that you might a 16 year old wearing.  She can live on that edge comfortably in these!

Lands End Kids Boots
Buy similar {here}

As a reminder keep in touch with Fashion Fix via Twitter to see all of the shopping finds, and link up to the Facebook page so you can be involved with all the up coming events and classes!