Holiday Glamour...

Cardigan - J.Crew; Blouse - Loft; Skirt - Forever 21; Shoes - Target; Necklace - Lola;
Jewelry - J.Crew, H&M, Forever 21
I am so sad this is the last of the holiday party post.  I could put together an infinite amount of sparkly and jazzy outfits from my closet.  In fact when I asked a very adorable 5 year old what her fashion resolution was for 2013 she said "To wear more sequins and sparkle."
I am up for that next year!  Stand out in a crowd with your style is what I say.  Tell me what your 2013 fashion/beauty resolution is.  The top 5 will be posted on the blog and I will be reveling them on the Jordana Green Radio Show next month!
Don't forget to join this site.  One member will be chosen to win their own glitz on Christmas day!


Kristine Rutledge said...

I love how classy yet fun this outfit is! I may have to try a combo similar to this :)


Lindaisy said...

I would love it if you did and then we got to see it on the blog!!!

KerryP said...

My 2013 Beauty/Fashion Resolution is to build my jewelry/accessory supply! More choices and variety--accessories make a difference and I love how they accentuate an outfit AND build my confidence.