Snow Boots...

Ok, I have no idea what kind of winter boots to own this winter. Since I have been out of MN the past ten years, I am totally out of the winter gear loop. Can not wait to see some of your winter boot fashion tips...along with winter wardrobes! 
Columbia buy Here
Sorel buy Here

I know shopping for boots can be hard for a Minnesota girl.  Let's get real.  You don't have time to mess around with fluffy cute girly stuff.  We get 2 ft of snow at a time, wind chills that pierce you and you have to shovel your car out of the street.  We need something that does it's job and keeps us warm and dry!
My problem is that I don't really want to look like I have man feet while I do these things in my winter boots.  Am I right?  Us Minnesota gals know how to take care of things in this tundra we live in, but we are still ladies!
My 2 top picks are these boots from Columbia and Sorel.  The silhouette of the foot isn't too clunky and the shearling lining give a little detail a girl would want.  Also the colors are perfect, the prices are good and they do the job.  When wearing these boots you won't look like a man or a fool with soggy feet!  
And by the way, I helped man friend get his truck out of the snowed in parking lot this morning wearing my Columbia boots!
Love You Always - Lindaisy


Lindaisy said...

Karin, I am wondering if you have any on-line shopping site you can recommend for winter boots...?

The Creative Mixx said...

Since Calgary Alberta is known for it's cold winters and snow, I recently bought a pair of winter boots that I adore:) I'll do a blog post about them tomorrow!