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You may have noticed that things have been changing around here lately.  Well here, and the business website!  I have been working my little tail off overhauling the website and creating a better web presence for Fashion Fix the brand.  I hope you've notice ;)

And with all of that, new opportunities are on the rise for me and Fashion Fix.  I have upgraded the Styled Right Workshop, which you can read about {here}, and see a little sneak peak {here}.  And I am currently writing 2 workbooks that will be published by the end of this month and available for you to purchase!

With that being said, the blog is going to continue taking a mini break for the next couple of weeks :(

But don't fret, you can

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Style on Sale! Still Under $15!

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There was more than I could fill my cart with when I was browsing the clearance racks at Target this week.  Everything they had left was deeply discounted, most everything was at least 70% of the original retail price.  A big misconception is, that what is left on those scraggly racks isn't worth bringing home your closet.  I believe otherwise!  This is when and where I find some of the best things in my wardrobe, and they often get the most compliments.  I wanted to show you what I found, all under $15, and all things you can wear to work and to play!

The first couple great pieces I found that you can see {here}.

The other ones are here!

Black jackets are great to layer with bold color or printed tops, they help tone down the patterns.

Use tailored jackets to style up casual pieces like tees and boots.

Black and white patterns are great to layer with jewel toned colors.

A structured dress can go casual, minimize your accessories and grab flats!


Style on Sale; $15 & Under

The getting is always good in January.  Stores are liquidating any and all winter/holiday merchandise to make room for travel wear.  And it doesn't hurt to have a half empty store when conducting your annual inventory!  This means a couple of things, clearance sales are at their best right now, and if you haven't already gotten in on it you have limited time.  The best weekends to shop are right after Christmas and the New Year.  Don't panic there is more to come throughout the year.  You can track the best times to shop {here}, a previous post.  

What's making it still great to shop is that whatever is left at this point, is at about 70% or more off of the original retail price.  Here is what I found this week still left at Target, obviously my favorite sale rack to shop.  I {tweet} about non-stop!  Every time I find something you find something, because I'm always sharing my deep discount deals!

If you are worried about wearing silk to work, dress it down with conservative jewelry and classic heels.

Make a silk tee an everyday piece by pairing it with casual shoes in a contrasting fabric, like suede.

Cobalt is a bold color, but compliment it with navy instead of black.

Cobalt is a great color for summer and looks smashing with gold accents!


Thrift week at Fashion Fix! Getting to work...

Resolutions can run the spectrum.  Take more pictures, read more, journal more, work out, do yoga, save money, and plenty of other life changing habits.  Often finding the motivation within yourself is the first stumbling block to getting on the wagon of positive change.  That's where Fashion Fix comes in for most women; looking good can lead to feeling good which leads to doing good.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not in the business of superficial short lasting change.  Nor do I think one great outfit is the solution to all of life's problems.  But what I do think is that one great outfit can give you the confidence to nail that interview which will get you the job of your dreams.  I do think that one great pair of shoes will help you feel confident and beautiful so you can be your best self on that first date after a divorce.  I do think that one great fitting pair of jeans will help you not feel frumpy at the next social gathering and you won't feel so self conscience that you can actually have fun with your friends!  A good friend once told me this "...sometimes you have to act your way into a feeling, not feel your way into an action!"  If you don't take care of your self in a way that says you are worth it, losing that 10 pounds is going to be hard, applying for that better job is going to be difficult, and getting on that first date is going to be impossible.  It starts with you doing things that make you feel confident, beautiful, and empowered!  So get out of those frumpy jeans, out of the dated sweaters and out of the ugly shoes.  Tap into your inner beauty and let it shine on the outside.

Does this mean you have to overhaul your life or closet?  No, absolutely not!  Take small steps and make small changes that will have big impact.  There is no better place to that than with Fashion Fix and Second Debut Boutique, where you can bring your doubts, insecurities, questions and need for help with out feeling scared or embarrassed.  Together we are here to educate and empower.  Link up {here} for workshop schedules and join us this Saturday for the first class of 2014!

What you can find at Second Debut!

An outfit for all occasions...

An amazing shoe department...

Great accessories...

 Even something for the boys...


Thirft week at Fashion Fix! Getting fit...

Two things happen in January: 1. It's freezing and there is no hope of warmer weather coming soon, so we plan vacations!  2. We set out to lose weight.  The first is of course way more fun than the second, yet they become intertwined.  Swim suit wearing comes to soon and we haven't put on those running shoes enough before then.  I know how it goes, it's difficult to make the investment with time and money not knowing what the results will bring!?  Well, I can help with one of those hurdles; $$$$

It's #thriftweek at Fashion Fix, and it's all about finding great styles at great prices!  What better way to start the New Year than to be in budget and in trend?  This is all leading up to the first in a 3 part workshop series exclusively hosted at Second Debut Boutique, this Saturday January 4th at 11 am.  For those details link up {here} to the events page.

Let's wee what Second Debut has for us today!  Brand new swimwear from Nani Nalu, amazing!!!!  Nani Nalu is an amazing boutique over on 50th & France in Edina, carrying high end beach wear with even higher end service.  To be able to get the body slimming, shape flattering, and durable swimsuits at below retail is a rare opportunity.  Nani Nalu exclusively donates new swimsuits to Second Debut, you won't find these pieces or prices anywhere else.

Great selection of styles and sizes!

Again, you won't find these anywhere else!

You especially won't find these prices anywhere else!  Retail $186, Second Debut $42

But... we still have tackle getting you into those running shoes.  They've got you covered at Second Debut!  High end workout gear and low end prices.  You don't have to break the bank in order to look good and feel good while getting in shape.

These pieces are going fast, so get there soon!

What the prices, they might be even less!

See you Saturday!


Thrift week at Fashion Fix! Sparkly...

Is being on budget one of your resolutions?  Is being more in trend and styled right one of your resolution?  I have got news for you, you don't have to choose one or the other!  Finding good looks at goods prices can be done.  There are gaggles of bloggers, shoppers, and stylists that live and breathe by the thrift store.  The hard part for the everyday lady though is knowing which thrift stores are the good ones, which are the bad ones, which have quality goods, and which have things that smell like moth balls?!  In come #thriftweek at Fashion Fix!  I want to share with you my treasured find Second Debut Boutique, and all of it's goodies :)

They have an amazing shoe department that goes on for days that you can see {here}.  It's my favorite section of the store!  But there is more than just shoes.  Think about about what you wore last night.  Did you go out and by something new?  How much did you buy?  How much did you spend?  And, how many times do you think you'll wear what you bought for New Year's Eve again?  That last question got ya didn't it, and it really made you think twice about how much you spent didn't it?  The perfect solution to keep you out of the overspending and under buying club is thrift. 

One whole outfit at thrift prices is what some pay for just one piece at retail!  Girls night out, date night, cocktail party, bachelorette party, etc etc etc.  All the occasions you want to wear something new, something jazzy, but you know you won't wear it again; you gotta go thrift!

If you are don't know how to shop the thrift make sure you come to Second Debut this Saturday January 4th at 11am.  Fashion Fix is kicking off a 3 part workshop series exclusively at Second Debut.  Link up {here} for details.