Thirft week at Fashion Fix! Getting fit...

Two things happen in January: 1. It's freezing and there is no hope of warmer weather coming soon, so we plan vacations!  2. We set out to lose weight.  The first is of course way more fun than the second, yet they become intertwined.  Swim suit wearing comes to soon and we haven't put on those running shoes enough before then.  I know how it goes, it's difficult to make the investment with time and money not knowing what the results will bring!?  Well, I can help with one of those hurdles; $$$$

It's #thriftweek at Fashion Fix, and it's all about finding great styles at great prices!  What better way to start the New Year than to be in budget and in trend?  This is all leading up to the first in a 3 part workshop series exclusively hosted at Second Debut Boutique, this Saturday January 4th at 11 am.  For those details link up {here} to the events page.

Let's wee what Second Debut has for us today!  Brand new swimwear from Nani Nalu, amazing!!!!  Nani Nalu is an amazing boutique over on 50th & France in Edina, carrying high end beach wear with even higher end service.  To be able to get the body slimming, shape flattering, and durable swimsuits at below retail is a rare opportunity.  Nani Nalu exclusively donates new swimsuits to Second Debut, you won't find these pieces or prices anywhere else.

Great selection of styles and sizes!

Again, you won't find these anywhere else!

You especially won't find these prices anywhere else!  Retail $186, Second Debut $42

But... we still have tackle getting you into those running shoes.  They've got you covered at Second Debut!  High end workout gear and low end prices.  You don't have to break the bank in order to look good and feel good while getting in shape.

These pieces are going fast, so get there soon!

What the prices, they might be even less!

See you Saturday!

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two birds said...

ooooh...good to know. i have been looking for some new workout clothes!