Thrift week at Fashion Fix! Sparkly...

Is being on budget one of your resolutions?  Is being more in trend and styled right one of your resolution?  I have got news for you, you don't have to choose one or the other!  Finding good looks at goods prices can be done.  There are gaggles of bloggers, shoppers, and stylists that live and breathe by the thrift store.  The hard part for the everyday lady though is knowing which thrift stores are the good ones, which are the bad ones, which have quality goods, and which have things that smell like moth balls?!  In come #thriftweek at Fashion Fix!  I want to share with you my treasured find Second Debut Boutique, and all of it's goodies :)

They have an amazing shoe department that goes on for days that you can see {here}.  It's my favorite section of the store!  But there is more than just shoes.  Think about about what you wore last night.  Did you go out and by something new?  How much did you buy?  How much did you spend?  And, how many times do you think you'll wear what you bought for New Year's Eve again?  That last question got ya didn't it, and it really made you think twice about how much you spent didn't it?  The perfect solution to keep you out of the overspending and under buying club is thrift. 

One whole outfit at thrift prices is what some pay for just one piece at retail!  Girls night out, date night, cocktail party, bachelorette party, etc etc etc.  All the occasions you want to wear something new, something jazzy, but you know you won't wear it again; you gotta go thrift!

If you are don't know how to shop the thrift make sure you come to Second Debut this Saturday January 4th at 11am.  Fashion Fix is kicking off a 3 part workshop series exclusively at Second Debut.  Link up {here} for details.

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