Style on Sale; $15 & Under

The getting is always good in January.  Stores are liquidating any and all winter/holiday merchandise to make room for travel wear.  And it doesn't hurt to have a half empty store when conducting your annual inventory!  This means a couple of things, clearance sales are at their best right now, and if you haven't already gotten in on it you have limited time.  The best weekends to shop are right after Christmas and the New Year.  Don't panic there is more to come throughout the year.  You can track the best times to shop {here}, a previous post.  

What's making it still great to shop is that whatever is left at this point, is at about 70% or more off of the original retail price.  Here is what I found this week still left at Target, obviously my favorite sale rack to shop.  I {tweet} about non-stop!  Every time I find something you find something, because I'm always sharing my deep discount deals!

If you are worried about wearing silk to work, dress it down with conservative jewelry and classic heels.

Make a silk tee an everyday piece by pairing it with casual shoes in a contrasting fabric, like suede.

Cobalt is a bold color, but compliment it with navy instead of black.

Cobalt is a great color for summer and looks smashing with gold accents!

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