Leopard NOT Lazy...

Scarf - Target; Sweater - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Purse - Coach; Shoes - Target

Cardi -Loft; Blouse - Gap; Pants - J.Crew; Sunglasses - Michael Kors; Shoes - J.Crew

More ideas today on how to dress for a casual day with out getting asked; "Is everything okay?"  These are my favorite outfits because if you know me you know I don't like pants.  So anything in cotton with an elastic waist will end up in my closet.  Being able to dress these bottoms with pieces that keep me looking professional is a must!

Why These Work...
1. All pieces are cotton, you got comfort!
2. Animal print worn the right way adds just the right amount style.
3. Do a scarf instead of a necklace.  You are accessorized and cozy all day.
4. Metal rim sunglasses are classy and more mature than plastic.
5. Platform shoes are great for everyday style, not as fancy as a stiletto.  Or go with the suede flats, elevated look but not as fancy as patent leather.
6. Roll the sleeve and cuff the pant.  Showing a little wrist and ankle make an outfit more feminine.


Comfy NOT Frumpy...

Cardi - Gap; Tee - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Shoes - Old Navy; Earrings - J.Crew

Sweater - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Shoes - Old Navy; Earrings - J.Crew

I was inspired to write this week's post by my life last week.  I had to be somewhere at 5am everyday!  Say what... I know crazy.  That means I had to ready and out the door at 430am.  There was no way this girl was going to be in restricting pants, uncomfortable shoes, or layers that I couldn't move in.  All that being said I still had to be styled and looking good.  How do you make that happen?  Well as seen above, that's how!

Why These Looks Work...
1. Everything I wore was cotton.  Easy to move in and comfy to put on when you are up before the sun!
2. Layers add dimension to an outfit with out much effort (cardi & tee).
3. Color or print can create instant style to a look (pink sweater, animal print flats).
4. Flats are great to get out the door quickly in, or platforms which are way easier to walk in than stilettos.
5. Simply jewelery, hoop earrings and a small necklace.


Eyes, Lips, and Gloss...




I love the looks that Lindsey has chosen for your night out with friends or on a date for Valentines Day!  (link to post here)  Thank you so much for posting them...its helpful to know!  I'd love to add a few makeup colors that would be great for a Valentine's Date!  There are always a few options.  These are some of my favorites that I like to use from be Lovely.

You can go with the bright red or pink lip...it IS Valentines day, and I think that's the perfect tint.  Add the classic pink and red to your makeup instead of your clothing.

My favorite classic red in the line is "Constance" always good with a simple eye.   "Lucy" is the same thing but pink.  Both vibrant colors will be the accent of the look you choose to wear.  If you want to get out of the classics, one of my favorite colors is "Sarah" it is a soft purple color that brightens your face and keeps you looking fun but elegant.  Use "Sarah" with "deep plum" lip liner and throw a lip-gloss on top and you are set!

If you are not much of a lipstick wearer YET... I would put on a nice sweet lip-gloss like "Influence.  It's not as pink as it looks and use simple eyeshadows like "hopeful" and "thoughtfull" for a neutral simple look or be a bit more vibrant by using "sincere", "lovely", and "fearless" for a purple smokey eye.

There are always lots of options if you wear a little or like a bit more color!! Enjoy creating your look!


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Craft On A Budget...

Supply #1, a cute kiddo to help you out!

Supplies cont'd, paper lunch sacks, crayons, markers, glitter, scissors and whatever else you have laying around for misc crafts.

Trace hearts on one side of the bag.

Cut out the hearts through both sides at the same time.

Let little ones decorate and color to their heart's desire.

Purchase fun candies.  I like to shop the $1 section at Target, this is also where I find great supplies to add to my craft bin.

Place candies and any other treats you are gifting.

And there you have it!  A cute fun personalized Valentine!

I blogged about this great Vday craft last year, I loved it so much I am giving it an encore with a cuter model than me!  This is a great last minute idea for kids, it helps occupy time and hands.  Really you could do this for any special occasion, just change the cut out shape on top to work for whatever you are celebrating.  What is the best is that it is low cost and low mess!


Look Good, Feel Good...

Casual Date

Romantic Date

Elegant Date

I have been gathering data for weeks now.  What are you doing for Valentine's Day, what are you going to wear and what are you going to give as a gift?  Now I can't reveal all of my findings yet, you will have to tune into WCCO AM radio tomorrow morning with Jordana Green.  I will be on air talking about the biggest trends for Valentines and how to avoid the blunders!  If you aren't a local reader don't worry the podcast will be posted on Facebook and the blog!  What I feel obligated to share though are my top outfit picks for the big dates.  I want my readers to look good and feel good on this love feast night!  So if you are going on date with someone you have been only seeing for a few months, or your boyfriend of 2 years or your husband of 15 years these are the looks to follow.

Why they work...

Casual Date
1. Purple, don't be cliche and wear read.
2. Top in a silk or other delicate fabric to give femininity.
3. Skinny black pants, dressier than denim but still casual.
4. You can do heels or flats depending on the date's activity.
5. Add a little glam with gold jewelry, you are on a date remember!
*Most likely you are still trying to impress each other it's important you pull together a look with effort!

Romantic Date
1. Wear a dress, you are a lady!
2. Cover your legs, it is still winter!
3. Patent leather heels are sexy, give your man a little tease.
4. Open up your neckline and wear a necklace that flatters it, this is also sexy.
*If you are anything like me and man friend at this point you are very comfortable with each other.  There are probably a lot of nights wearing sweats and eating pizza with no make-up.  This is great, I cherish just living life with each other.  But for Vday bring sexy back!

Elegant Date
1. Silver on raw silk or any other heavy yet dressy fabric is classy.
2. Crystal jewelry gives the look sophistication.
3. The clutch is blinged out but not overdone and gives just the right amount of elegance.
4.  The black necklace is stunning against the silver dress, you want to be stunning!
*If you have been together for 15 years or more you need to celebrate and reward your self's with a special date night.  You should be doing something that requires an elevated look where you feel like you stand out!


Brighten Up...




Even as a makeup artist, there are days when I just don't feel like putting makeup on! This is my tip for those 'I'm going out, so I want to look good, but I don't want to make the effort' days...

I use one of Be Lovely's bright colored lipsticks! Suggestions...Constance, Clementine, or Eleanor, to name a few. Bright colors on the lips are going to brighten your face and draw attention to your pout not your undone eyes or blushless cheeks.  Add your favorite mascara, and out the door you go. You will get compliments even with little effort! 

Check out belovely.com for a lip color that you love!  


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More On Board...

They keep coming!  As curator and editor of this blog I am elated to announce the newest member of the blogging team.  Rachel Firkus is a phenomenal make-up artist and creator of Be Lovely make- up.  Rachel studied the art of beauty in California and spent time dolling up celebs for television and film.  She then took her passion for women and beauty from a job to a mission.  Rachel moved to Las Vegas working with women in compromising life circumstance helping them realize their value and worth.  She used her talents as a make-up artist to connect and support women in Vegas.  Rachel's commitment to empowering women and helping people see their value is what has brought her to this team.

Currently Rachel lives St. Paul, MN with her husband Nick and dog Margie.  Keep watch for fantastic tip and tricks on beauty and make-up, and who know maybe our members will get great deals on Be Lovely product... (ya I think they will)!  Come back this week as Rachel contributes her first post!

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Heart's Desire...





Lend me your heart!  Well really I just want to know what your heart's desire is.  Tweet, comment, Facebook, Intagram, Pinterest, or email me.  I want to know what you want for Valentines Day and what you plan to give.  Doesn't matter who you are getting a gift from or who you are giving a gift to I want to know the following...

1. Length of the relationship?
2. Serious, Casual,, Married, etc?
3. What are the gifts?
4. What is the date?

Then tune in February 12th to WCCOAM radio and listen to the Jordana Green Show as we talk about what is trending for Vday this year and the top gifts and date spots!


Big Game, Big Style...

Confession; I was a fashion don't yesterday while watching the big game!  Luckily it was just me and man friend with the big couch and big TV with the big game all to our self.  My borrowed sweatshirt from the boyfriend's closet, black stretchy pants, and fuzzy socks weren't witnessed by many so it was appropriate.  We got cozy with homemade Chicago style beef sandwiches and potato chips.  It got me thinking though, if our friends would have wanted to come over or if we decided to go to the family's house what would I have changed.  I still want to be comfortable, able to over eat with out restriction, warm feet and sporting the colors of the team I was cheering for (the Ravens!).  So here is how I would have done it...

Why this works...
1. Black cotton leggings, able to sit on the floor eat and be comfy.
2. Loose fit tunic, covers the behind, not restricting and the color blocking gives instant style with no effort.
3. Purple scarf gives you a look with the team's colors and you are accessorized while still casual!
4. Hunter boots because it is slushy, snowing, and icy in Minnesota.  These are sleek and functional.

There you go.  Next time you have a couples game night or you are gathering around the tube for a big fun event here's the guidelines for your look.

What was your favorite moment of the game, best commercial, what recipe was a hit or dud?  I want to know!  

I loved the Dodge truck homage to farmers (we sat in silence while it was playing), and when the power went out we practiced our chipping into the golf net!






CAUTION: May be offended if you are a fashion don't!

Some of you know I spent last week in Vegas with the parents. My dad's parents retired there years ago and we went to visit my grandmother. It may sound like a drag but my dad knows his way around town and my mom is a shopping diva, so we had fun. I also learned how the play the Craps table, I may have found my new obsession...

As expected my little eye spied a lot of interesting members of the human race who made interesting fashion choices for their Vegas celebration.  A look gone wrong is always the 'site seeing-casual-day look'.  To many times there was the uncovered behind in leggings, women hobbling in uncomfortable shoes, outragous printed shirts, the akward sholder bag, etc etc etc.  The list could on!  There is no need to wear every trend at once to show us you are stylish traveler or wear what could be mistaken as a halloween costume.  You can look classy, trendy, and comfortable.  I promise.

Why these looks work...
1. Shoes you can walk in that are cute.
2. Pieces aren't constricting yet have cuts that are flattering.
3. Layers can be taken off and you don't lose the outfit.
4. Bags can be worn cross-body to keep hands free.
5. Prints and patterns are flattering and don't take over the look.