This or That: Suede Ankle Booties

This has become one of my favorite posts to write, the This or That series.  Most of my inspiration comes for J.Crew, and I find most of my knock offs at Target.  Which I love because everybody wants to have J.Crew style, but most of us have a Target budget!  Today's pick...

The ankle booties has been getting hotter and hotter over the past couple of years.  Styles have been growing and becoming more wearable for everyday.  I picked up my pair on clearance, and have worn them about 3 times a week ever since.  This style can cross over from dressy to causal flawlessly because of their color, fabrication, and heel structure.  If the J.Crew booties fit in your checkbook you can get them {here}, other wise Target has their version {here}.  Now I know they don't look exactly the same, but their functions is absolutely the same: tan, suede, ankle, chunky heel!  And I don't know if this is still true but at one point Nine West had the contract to make the Target in house brand shoes.  So their silhouette and structure was of great design quality, just lower budget on material (ie they are not going to be real leather).

I loved them here when I wore them with a cute silk dress and some printed socks.  Now the socks are from J.Crew, those I could afford (on sale)!

Here are two outfits I have actually worn with these booties!

Style and save my friends!


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Making the Change; How to wear animal print!

This is a little bit Throwback Thursday, and a little bit This or That, and a lot bit great style :)  Whether I am teaching the Styled Right class or I am working one-on-one with a client, animal print always pops up in the conversion.  If you had a chance to read up on my Fall must haves you already know animal print is on there; and don't be surprised if you see on the Winter, Spring and Summer shopping guide!  It's a great print that can be incorporated into your wardrobe with an accessory, a shoe, a pant, a sweater, and the list goes on.  There are endless ways you can make this style work for you.  So for Throwback Thursday I thought I would dig up some pictures one of my best gal pals took about 3 year ago.  We did fun photo shoot around this exact topic!

These are all great examples of how making this one switch can change up your look from being 'cute' to being styled!  My two biggest pieces of advice are always this: 1. treat animal print like a neutral  2. don't be afraid to wear it!




You make the switch now!


Blouses... What blouses?!

I am in the business of educating women what to wear, how to wear it, what to buy and where to buy it!  This week my focus of choice is the blouse.  I have worked with couple of fabulous clients in the past month who all have had a common theme of needing to impact their style with belts and blouses.  You can see their photo catalogs {here} & {here} & {here}.  And since I already was on my soap box about the belt {here} I thought I would preach about the need for essential blouses here!  You can link up to Monday's post {here} where I talked about why the blouse is so important and showed you how you can wear it.  After that post went live, immediately following I got the question: What blouses should women have?  In my professional opinion, at minimum all women should have the following 4 blouses...

Why?  Because with these 4 standard blouses you will be able to outfit any cardigan, jacket, blazer, skirt, and pant.  Because with these 4 standard blouses you can be styled for work, play, and fun.  And because with these 4 standard blouses you will always have something to wear!

Real women, living real life in the Twin Cities...  Take inspiration from them!

White Blouse

Striped Blouse

Chambray Blouse


Dump The Frump: More Belts & Blouses!

Back again in the Dump the Frump series.  If this is your first time linking up to the frump busting blog you can read up on past dumps {here}.  This post is obviously going to include belting, if you know me you know I am obsessed with getting women in belts!  It is the most underutilized accessories that can make you lose about 10lbs instantly in an outfit.  I have styled almost every client in belts, and almost every client hates it at first but then can't live with out them once they see the difference.  More belting tips and pics are {here}. 

What I want to also highlight in this post is the under-worn structured blouse!  Most women shy away from this article of clothing, mostly because it's difficult to find one that fits across the bust.  But, you can get around that.  Why I love the structured blouse is because even if you have to wear it a size up to fit right it still looks flattering!  This is because a good blouse will have darts and seams in the right places.  This will keep the garment structured with shape so you don't look frumpy.  Plus you'll see in the pictures below that if you style the blouse in the right way you won't look broad, masculine, or frumpy.

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