Blouses... What blouses?!

I am in the business of educating women what to wear, how to wear it, what to buy and where to buy it!  This week my focus of choice is the blouse.  I have worked with couple of fabulous clients in the past month who all have had a common theme of needing to impact their style with belts and blouses.  You can see their photo catalogs {here} & {here} & {here}.  And since I already was on my soap box about the belt {here} I thought I would preach about the need for essential blouses here!  You can link up to Monday's post {here} where I talked about why the blouse is so important and showed you how you can wear it.  After that post went live, immediately following I got the question: What blouses should women have?  In my professional opinion, at minimum all women should have the following 4 blouses...

Why?  Because with these 4 standard blouses you will be able to outfit any cardigan, jacket, blazer, skirt, and pant.  Because with these 4 standard blouses you can be styled for work, play, and fun.  And because with these 4 standard blouses you will always have something to wear!

Real women, living real life in the Twin Cities...  Take inspiration from them!

White Blouse

Striped Blouse

Chambray Blouse

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