Shop, Style, Save: Merona Black Crepe Dress

I'm in a mood this week for the big red bull's-eye!  If you didn't catch Monday's post you can link up {here}, and see how I save about $300 on shoes at Target.  When ever I stop by the Target, I religiously check out their clearance racks.  Last week I found this great dress that I knew could be worn in an infinite amount of outfits.


Link up {here} to check it out on-line.

I opted for the casual day look when I wore it last.

But, like I said, this dress can fit many more an occasion.

Shopped; at Target off the clearance rack for $19.97

Styled; 3 looks you can wear 12 times a year

Save; your cost per wear in only $1.66 !!!!!

Moral of the story - Don't underestimate the power of a LBD or the Target clearance rack!

Which outfit do you like best?  Tell me!  Every time you leave a comment letting me know which of the outfits you like most, you will get entered to win a 15 day Loft discount of 25% percent on purchases.  Winner will be announced this weekend!  Share this post on facebook and you get entered in TWICE!


This or That: Leopard Pumps

I had a fantastic time this past weekend at the Divorcing Divas conference!  It was a joy to be among other businesses that empower women and provide resources while they are going through a difficult time.  I made many new friends and clients and I got to see many women walk away realizing that there is hope and new beginnings for their lives.

One of the stand outs from the day were my $20 Target shoes!  Inspired by the infamous J.Crew style.  Unfortunately that style isn't always in my budget, so I have to find what is...

I found my style at a more budget friendly Target :)

Luckily enough, when I picked them up they were on sale for $20.99!  Which I did tweet out when I found them; if you aren't already following Fashion Fix on Twitter you can do that {here}.  Anytime I run across a good buy I am sure to let the public know.  They carried this gal through a long day, and I was happy to give them a deserved rest when I got home.

Complete Outfit


Falling For Fall!

I am probably late to the party!  Well... I know I'm late because Fall seems to be heading to the rear view mirror, and snow is close ahead here in Minnesota!  But last week Jordana and I talked about trends that are hot for this Fall and I got to weigh in on what my top picks are.  You can link up to that podcast {here}.  The best part about the list I put together is that all of these pieces are timeless, and I bet most of them are already in your closet!  See that, you are ahead of the style curve ;)

My favorites of the favorites...

We'll see you at our next two event appearances!

Divorcing Divas 10/26
Wild Ruffle Pop Up Shop 11/9


Style Catalog - Best Of

All last week and this week I have been highlighting what Fashion Fix can do for you, and in exchange what you can do for others!  All during the month of October when you purchase select goods and services from Fashion Fix a portion of the monies made will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.  If you are just joining this campaign you can catch up on details {here}.  And I am sure you want to see featured products and services {here}, {here}, and {here}!

One of my favorite things I offer to clients is what I call a Style Catalog :)  This is where I come in and help you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again!  Together we focus on a few pieces that you love (or hate), and we style multiple outfits using other apparel and accessories that are in your closet.  It's a great way to gain a new perspective on what you own and how you can mix and match things to get more wear and productivity out of your clothes.  Along the way you learn styling tricks that can change your whole look and gain insight on what works for your shape and figure!

One of my fav gals.  A cute 20 something that loves to shop and just needed a set of fresh eyes to browse her closet.

This client made it a family affair!  Her newly collage graduated daughter is now a regular to Fashion Fix.  Here we created a catalog the help her pack smart and stylish for a Mediterranean cruise!

Lastly in the top 3 my first ever client to go from beginning to end with Fashion Fix!  She remains loyal and loved.

To schedule your Style Consultation email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340

 To learn more about Fashion Fix or see how other clients have benefited visit www.fashionfixmn.com


Shop, Style, Save - Lia Sophia Panorama Necklace

More ways for you save on style, and help save lives!  This month Fashion Fix  is going from purple to pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  During the month of October any time you purchase product or services, a portion of the monies made go to the BCRF.  You can catch up on all those detail {here}.  What you need to know is that when you spend your time and money with me you get more than you think. 

It is my goal to show clients how their wardrobe can work for them, not them working to wear their wardrobe.  Apparel and accessories should be able to be styled for work, play and fun.  Multiple outfits can be created with just one piece!  Such as the Panorama necklace from Lia Sophia...

This necklace can style up any of your Fall looks...

To see other accessories styled for BCRF, link up {here} and {here}.

So when you make this great necklace part of your Fall line up you...

shopped - Lia Sophia Panorama necklace; $84

styled - 4 ways, if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 12 outfits!

saved - cost per wear is only $7.00!!!!!!! AND, your giving to BCRF!

To order this piece, or any other pieces from the Fall/Winter catalog by Lia Sophia email Lindsey@fahionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340 and 30% or monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF!


Style That Saves

If you haven't caught on, Fashion Fix is working to make a difference in not only the lives of women here in Minneapolis, but across the country!  It was on my business bucket list to be in a place where Fashion Fix could give to an organization that empowers women and builds confidence through various measures.  Well I am here and I need your help!

So how can you participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Easy, shop and style with Fashion Fix!  Read up on all of those details {here}, Tuesday's post.

Okay, now that you caught up on how Fashion Fix is raising funds for BCRF it's time to show you what you get when you work with me!  You can get delivered - straight to your door - beautiful jewelry from Lia Sophia.  30% of Fashion Fix's monies will go to BCRF and Lia Sophia will give 10% to Susan G. Komen.  Browse the catalog {here} and see how I style one of the hottest pieces {here}. 

You can also get a revitalized wardrobe for pennies!!!  How is this you ask.  You can purchase a Wardrobe Consultation for $100 and Fashion Fix will give 50% of monies made to BCRF.  You will learn how to change up your style with pieces that you already own.  No need to spend hundreds at the mall to get fresh style.  I will come and rework your clothing and accessories to create new looks and you will fall in love with your wardrobe all over again!

Here is a teaser.  This is a client I recently worked with, and in 2 hours we changed her style life.  I had her do a little homework and pull out 5 pieces in her closet that give her anxiety.  Then we made outfits with those 5 pieces using clothing and accessories that she already owned!

Do you have pieces in your closet that sit there because you don't know how to wear them?  Then you need to call me, and we need to get your appointment scheduled!  You will not only learn how to style your problem pieces but you will see how to dump the frump in some of you favorite outfits.

Remember, all appointments and purchases made this month will go towards funds raised for BCRF!  So call or email today... 


And don't just think of your self, jewelry and style are always a great gift!


Shop, Style, Save - Lia Sophia Curio Necklace

Fashion Fix works with women everyday to help them find their beauty and confidence.  It's the mission this business to build women up, meet them where they are at, and help them achieve their goals.  But, I can only do so much.  Thankfully there are organization that have the resources to go above and beyond when supporting women's needs.  Such a group is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  To help them continue their efforts is no small feat.  So I need you to join the cause!  Every time you make a purchase from Fashion Fix during the month of October portions of the monies made go to BCRF.  To see more about that link up {here}.

To entice you even more-which is hard to do because giving to BCRF alone should light a fire in you-I want to highlight some of the jewelry I am selling.

The Lia Sophia Curio statement necklace

to order this today email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com, 30% of monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF

There is more than way than one way to make this necklace work in your wardrobe!  If you wear this piece just 4 different ways here is the break down...

shopped - Lia Sophia Curio necklace; $98

styled - 4 ways, if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 12 outfits!

saved - cost per wear is only $8.15!!!!!!! AND, your giving to BCRF!

Here's a round up of all looks one more time, just to drive home the point :)

To shop more pieces from the Fall/Winter collection by Lia Sophia link up {here}.  All orders are shipped directly to you!

For more information email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340


From Purple to Pink

As you know Fashion Fix celebrated its first anniversary of being in business this past month!  I am so excited and thankful that that there is going to be a year two and as a faithful reader, or faithful client you have contributed in more ways than one to the success of this business.  I can't thank you enough! 

Because of your support I am proud to announce that Fashion Fix is now in a place where it can start to give back.  This October Fashion Fix is raising donations to give to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I am offering select product and services that when purchased a portion of the profits go to BCRF.  I am asking that you not only find a way you can participate in this effort, but also share with your friends and family! 

Fashion Fix's mission is to empower women and build confidence, this can be done in more ways than one.  BCRF builds up and supports the lives of women in ways that are beyond many of our reaches, but that doesn't mean we can't help.  This campaign will be here only a short time, so don't delay on submitting any orders or scheduling appointments.  And, the holidays are right around the corner!  Think of those who would love the gift of style and organization this year.  Plus your purchase will gift more than one woman, donations Fashion Fix makes trough your business will be a gift to all women who benefit from BCRF! 

Thank you for your contributions,


 Purchase any Lia Sophia jewelry and 30% of monies made byFashion Fix's will go to BCRF!  Browse the catalog at www.liasophia.com and email order information to lindsey@fashionfixmn.com  All purchases are mailed directly to you!!  

Do you think your friends and family want to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  I do!  Host a party, then not only will Fashion Fix donate so will Lia Sophia.  10% of profits from any party will go to Susan G. Koman!!!

Schedule a 1 and a half hour shopping appointment with Fashion Fix at Loft. Cost is $50, 50% of monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF!  You will also receive 20% off purchases made now through 11/15 at Loft stores.


Wardrobe Consultation: Fashion Fix will assess your closet space and draw up an organization plan, do a wardrobe analysis, create a personalized shopping guide, and show you how to elevate your looks with pieces you already own!  Appointments last 1-2 hours and cost is $100, 50% of the monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF!

Remember, the holidays are creeping up!  Jewelry is a great gift, so shop the catalog and get your orders in now.  Think of those women who could use a confidence boost in their wardrobe, buy a gift certificate now.  Share this with your friends and family and we together can shop and style with a bigger purpose!

For further information you can contact lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340