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All last week and this week I have been highlighting what Fashion Fix can do for you, and in exchange what you can do for others!  All during the month of October when you purchase select goods and services from Fashion Fix a portion of the monies made will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.  If you are just joining this campaign you can catch up on details {here}.  And I am sure you want to see featured products and services {here}, {here}, and {here}!

One of my favorite things I offer to clients is what I call a Style Catalog :)  This is where I come in and help you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again!  Together we focus on a few pieces that you love (or hate), and we style multiple outfits using other apparel and accessories that are in your closet.  It's a great way to gain a new perspective on what you own and how you can mix and match things to get more wear and productivity out of your clothes.  Along the way you learn styling tricks that can change your whole look and gain insight on what works for your shape and figure!

One of my fav gals.  A cute 20 something that loves to shop and just needed a set of fresh eyes to browse her closet.

This client made it a family affair!  Her newly collage graduated daughter is now a regular to Fashion Fix.  Here we created a catalog the help her pack smart and stylish for a Mediterranean cruise!

Lastly in the top 3 my first ever client to go from beginning to end with Fashion Fix!  She remains loyal and loved.

To schedule your Style Consultation email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340

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