Belts, What Belts?!

Tuesday I answered one of the most asked question I get from clients and from women who attend my Styled Right class.  When do I wear a belt and how do I wear one?  You can find the answer to that question {here}.  In fact now that I am thinking about it, a year ago I did a whole radio segment on this topic!  You can get that podcast {here}.

After I hit 'publish' on that post I immediately knew there was more to say.  We went over the when; there were pictures of the how, but what about the what?  Here it is, if you have no belts (which I know for a fact some of you don't because when I come over for styling appointments we have to use your husbands belts!), this is where you should start.  Below are the 5 most worn belts by my self and most used belts when I am styling clients.

And if you get these under control and you want to advance your belting, these are the AP styling belts!

I know what you are thinking...

I need to go shop for belts this weekend, and what is this Styled Right class she is talking about?!  Which then you are probably also thinking, I need to go to that workshop/class!  So here is the deal, you NEED to follow Fashion Fix on facebook {here}.  That is where you will find all the good stuff about events Fashion Fix is participating in and when/where the next Styled Right class will be.  If you just can't wait you can host a class!  Ya that's right, it's pretty awesome.  Email me lindsey@fashionfixmn.com and we can chat.  I love speaking to women from all walks about how they can be the best of themselves when it comes to style and fashion.

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