Belts, Belts, and Belting

I taught another class this past weekend at a boutique I love, Second Debut.  Once again I was in my happy place for at least 2 hours that day.  Well I was probably also happy when I took a nap later that afternoon.  

I can not get enough of this stuff, I am telling you, these women rock who come to the Fashion Fix workshops/classes!  They are filled with eagerness to learn and have the best questions.  Which has now 'forced' (not really forced, I love it!) me to create a new label and series on the blog, "FAQ".  Because if one woman has a question, I bet there are 100 more with the same one.  What was asked...

When do I wear a belt and how do I wear one?


I say whenever you can!!!  Most of my clients want to punch me when I say "...tuck in and put on a belt."  But you need to wear a belt in order to create a waist line, or show off your waist.  It's a misconception that tucking in and belting will make you look wider.  It does the reverse!  If you cover your mid-section with too much fabric and no shape, you will look like you have no shape, enhancing the frumpiness.  Belting also helps to create a styled and accessorized look.  If you are checking your self out in the mirror and sense that something just isn't right or something is missing, it's a belt!


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Happy Belting!

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