Shop, Style, Save: Merona Black Crepe Dress

I'm in a mood this week for the big red bull's-eye!  If you didn't catch Monday's post you can link up {here}, and see how I save about $300 on shoes at Target.  When ever I stop by the Target, I religiously check out their clearance racks.  Last week I found this great dress that I knew could be worn in an infinite amount of outfits.


Link up {here} to check it out on-line.

I opted for the casual day look when I wore it last.

But, like I said, this dress can fit many more an occasion.

Shopped; at Target off the clearance rack for $19.97

Styled; 3 looks you can wear 12 times a year

Save; your cost per wear in only $1.66 !!!!!

Moral of the story - Don't underestimate the power of a LBD or the Target clearance rack!

Which outfit do you like best?  Tell me!  Every time you leave a comment letting me know which of the outfits you like most, you will get entered to win a 15 day Loft discount of 25% percent on purchases.  Winner will be announced this weekend!  Share this post on facebook and you get entered in TWICE!

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