This or That: Leopard Pumps

I had a fantastic time this past weekend at the Divorcing Divas conference!  It was a joy to be among other businesses that empower women and provide resources while they are going through a difficult time.  I made many new friends and clients and I got to see many women walk away realizing that there is hope and new beginnings for their lives.

One of the stand outs from the day were my $20 Target shoes!  Inspired by the infamous J.Crew style.  Unfortunately that style isn't always in my budget, so I have to find what is...

I found my style at a more budget friendly Target :)

Luckily enough, when I picked them up they were on sale for $20.99!  Which I did tweet out when I found them; if you aren't already following Fashion Fix on Twitter you can do that {here}.  Anytime I run across a good buy I am sure to let the public know.  They carried this gal through a long day, and I was happy to give them a deserved rest when I got home.

Complete Outfit

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