Shop, Style, Save - Lia Sophia Curio Necklace

Fashion Fix works with women everyday to help them find their beauty and confidence.  It's the mission this business to build women up, meet them where they are at, and help them achieve their goals.  But, I can only do so much.  Thankfully there are organization that have the resources to go above and beyond when supporting women's needs.  Such a group is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  To help them continue their efforts is no small feat.  So I need you to join the cause!  Every time you make a purchase from Fashion Fix during the month of October portions of the monies made go to BCRF.  To see more about that link up {here}.

To entice you even more-which is hard to do because giving to BCRF alone should light a fire in you-I want to highlight some of the jewelry I am selling.

The Lia Sophia Curio statement necklace

to order this today email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com, 30% of monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF

There is more than way than one way to make this necklace work in your wardrobe!  If you wear this piece just 4 different ways here is the break down...

shopped - Lia Sophia Curio necklace; $98

styled - 4 ways, if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 12 outfits!

saved - cost per wear is only $8.15!!!!!!! AND, your giving to BCRF!

Here's a round up of all looks one more time, just to drive home the point :)

To shop more pieces from the Fall/Winter collection by Lia Sophia link up {here}.  All orders are shipped directly to you!

For more information email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340

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