From Purple to Pink

As you know Fashion Fix celebrated its first anniversary of being in business this past month!  I am so excited and thankful that that there is going to be a year two and as a faithful reader, or faithful client you have contributed in more ways than one to the success of this business.  I can't thank you enough! 

Because of your support I am proud to announce that Fashion Fix is now in a place where it can start to give back.  This October Fashion Fix is raising donations to give to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I am offering select product and services that when purchased a portion of the profits go to BCRF.  I am asking that you not only find a way you can participate in this effort, but also share with your friends and family! 

Fashion Fix's mission is to empower women and build confidence, this can be done in more ways than one.  BCRF builds up and supports the lives of women in ways that are beyond many of our reaches, but that doesn't mean we can't help.  This campaign will be here only a short time, so don't delay on submitting any orders or scheduling appointments.  And, the holidays are right around the corner!  Think of those who would love the gift of style and organization this year.  Plus your purchase will gift more than one woman, donations Fashion Fix makes trough your business will be a gift to all women who benefit from BCRF! 

Thank you for your contributions,


 Purchase any Lia Sophia jewelry and 30% of monies made byFashion Fix's will go to BCRF!  Browse the catalog at www.liasophia.com and email order information to lindsey@fashionfixmn.com  All purchases are mailed directly to you!!  

Do you think your friends and family want to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  I do!  Host a party, then not only will Fashion Fix donate so will Lia Sophia.  10% of profits from any party will go to Susan G. Koman!!!

Schedule a 1 and a half hour shopping appointment with Fashion Fix at Loft. Cost is $50, 50% of monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF!  You will also receive 20% off purchases made now through 11/15 at Loft stores.


Wardrobe Consultation: Fashion Fix will assess your closet space and draw up an organization plan, do a wardrobe analysis, create a personalized shopping guide, and show you how to elevate your looks with pieces you already own!  Appointments last 1-2 hours and cost is $100, 50% of the monies made by Fashion Fix will go to BCRF!

Remember, the holidays are creeping up!  Jewelry is a great gift, so shop the catalog and get your orders in now.  Think of those women who could use a confidence boost in their wardrobe, buy a gift certificate now.  Share this with your friends and family and we together can shop and style with a bigger purpose!

For further information you can contact lindsey@fashionfixmn.com or call 612-916-5340

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